My new vehicle!! Don't laugh!!

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This is what's going to get me to Snowdon Inshallah!

More comfortable than biking it. Can't build a boat. Carries a tent.

Also hopefully to be in the Thornycroft vintage/unusual car show in Memorial Park, Basingstoke Sunday 10th May 2009.  All welcome.  Beer tent, etc.. but I can't drink coz am driving it 100 yards to my house afterwards!

Nick Harper's in town!!

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Nick Harper's in town!!

Watch out without fear

Marshal your forces

In defence of your ears.


The drawbridge is down

The moats are breached

Synapses blown

Whimsical John Lennon

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Had forgotten all about JL's 'No flies on  Frank' till I found this  :


Also another lost gem  [Levana & our ladies of sorrow - Tom D'Quincey]  resurrected from the mists of time :

Roy the poet

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Well, this is something I never, ever, imagined myself doing, creating a blog.

The seven sisters of sleep

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Mordecai Cooke [published in 1860 by James Blackwood, London]




To all lovers of tobacco, in all parts of the world,

Juvenile and senile, masculine and feminine;

And to all abstainers, voluntary and involuntary.


World Record Store Day

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ive just started listening to the Roy Harper podcast recently so im only at the start.ive only picked up an ipod and what a nice surprise to find the podcasts when i looked up Roy on itunes.So nice one Paul.There very enjoyable.I have been a Roy fan for quite a while but living in Ireland I find it quite hard to find Roys albums in the record shops.So thanks to you Paul i can listen to tracks that keep evading me through my music buying days.take care and keep up the good work.......sorry about the writing,im only starting out on these laptops and im far from an expert........

A British Bard's Battlebus Banter Campaign [Nick Harper's One of the Thirty Eight Tour 2009]

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[to the music/metre of Roy Harper's 'Lords Prayer' solliloquy]

Who is the master of action....?

Who garrotted Glaswegian gladiators

Who combatted Coatbridge conquerers

Who bomb-bayed Buxton Ballistas

Who shock-awed Swindon swashbucklers

The strange journey I started five years ago, beginning to pay off...

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In other news, I got the best surprise in my email a few weeks ago from John Nobbs & Jacqui Carroll of Ozfrank Theatre, which went something like this:

"Dear Kenny,

How ya doin', sport? (They're Aussie, see. That's the Oz, in Ozfrank ~ ed)

The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 21 - Shownotes

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In the April 2009 episode:



Nick Harper tour ongoing. Visit the On Tour Forum
New Roy Harper remix project


East of the Sun from Flat Baroque and Berserk

There Once Was a Man by Pasion Duval

An interview with George Fort (part 2). George can be found at and

Cora from Commercial Breaks

A-Z of Harper: 'T' for Tom Tiddler's Ground

Tom Tiddlers Ground  from Beyond The Door

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