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31st @ mr kyps poole

Discussion in 'On Tour' started by fickle_Witch, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    incase anyone was planning on coming along, just got this from the mr kyps mailing list ...

    Hey Folks,

    Just a quick message to say that the Nick Harper gig on Thursday has now sold out. However, if you have not yet got your tickets and were intending to come, please email us or call 01202 748945 and let us know. If there is sufficient demand then we will move this gig from our in-the-round setting to the main stage, meaning we can fit more people in.

    In addition, if you have already bought tickets for the in-the-round show and would much prefer that it wasn't moved, please also let us know as we want to act in the best interests of both those with tickets and those unfortunate to miss out.

    Please let us know your thoughts... either way we anticipate a fantastic show!

    Best Wishes,
    Mr Kyps
  2. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Cool beans! That is great news for the kick off! I have a feeling this may be replicated at a number of other dates too.

    Heed my advice all: BUY TICKETS NOW! Don't leave it and be disappointed.
  3. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest


    Hey Folks,

    After much deliberation and a high demand for tickets, the Nick Harper gig wil now be moved onto the main stage to allow as many people as possible to come in to see this wonderful show.

    Tickets are now freely available and are back on-line for 24hr sales.

    Anyone who had tickets for the original show and is not happy with the re-schedule may apply for a full refund, and please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We hope that the majority of you will be pleased for the opportunity to see Nick Harper with such a big crowd of fellow Harperspace Cadets.

    There will still be tables and chairs at the front of the room so anyone who's disappointed about the gig now not being in-the-round will still be able to sit and watch Nick up-close so long as they arrive early (doors open 8pm)!

    The vibe will be different than in-the-round but we know Nick rises to any occasion (he has played on the main stage before) and always creates a unique experience.

    We hope you enjoy the show.
  4. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Thanks for update, Hatt. Just bumping this to front again as it's imminent.

    Arise, Sir Nick!
  5. Sadfish

    Sadfish I've got a zappy little nappy

    cool beans!
  6. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    so is anyone else gonna be there?? or just me and the crowd i have *told* that they are coming!! :D

    amor mundi

    hatty :)
  7. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Just you, I think - ha! (I have a date with your other musical interest!)

    But enjoy and post a quickie when you get home to say how it went.
  8. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    will do! phoned one of my mates that i am dragging along earlier and told her of my other friend that i am bringing, best mate, she is scared now that we are double dating and she has the weird one!!


    contains swearing and my lovely steve!
  9. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Ha! Be sure to say hello to Nick. I did tell him you were coming and reviewing.
  10. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    cool cool! will do :)
  11. wessexy witch

    wessexy witch I've got a zappy little nappy

    Have bought tickets for my Dad for this show.
    He has never heard of Nick but I know he will love it.
    He often gets mistaken for Bruce Forsyth,so be nice if you see him there !!

    Sorry I can't get the night off to come too.:(

    Hullo Lin *waves*
  12. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb


    Waves back in...well...waves:rofl:
  13. pete c

    pete c I've got a zappy little nappy

    Don't forget to get him to tell you so you can tell us all about it Noddy! :biggrin:
  14. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    ok, so i have to search for bruce forsyth impersonators now??? as if my husband didnt think i was insane enough!!! excellent *in my best mr burns voice*

    amor mundi

  15. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Really eager to read Hatt's report of how tonight went.

    (There are now two witches on this board - is that a first?!)
  16. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    fantastic gig! as always :) mr kyps holding more than i think i have seen in there before!
    will get cracking on proper review tomorrow, not going to quite get the angle i expected (thanks to steve! :cursing: ) and also got a couple of cool pix!
    supporting act mentioned that they hadnt heard of nick before to which i gave a very loud gasp! but shall include a little about those guys too ;)
    need to sleeeeeeeeep!

    amor mundi

    hatty :)
  17. SHAUN I

    SHAUN I It's so clear on the wings of the dawn

    What a guy going to a gig of a guy he's never heard of - Hats off to Wessexy Witches' dad, dint he do well..alright my loves :biggrin:
  18. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Good game...good game!

    Did he include Love Is Music? Any neweys? Looking forward to hearing more.

    Btw, did you see posters?!
  19. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    i saw no posters around town, but tbh i havent been about much.
    couple of new ones, erm simple and another i hadnt heard, love is music was there yes, including a string break, mucho impressed paul and brina (husband and my friend) :D
    got miracles for beginners which i am going to subject no 1 son with today as he is pulling a sicky (i'll let him as he looks like he is gonna puke any moment). means he can look after smallest of my tribe whilst i type away at this review!! lol
    think i caught glimps of wessexy witch's dad, but there were lots of people there!! so didnt get chance to say hello, sorry!
    also, spot of bad news, the colchester gig that i spent 2 days sorting out a *spits* microsoft machine for is on the same day as a friends wedding!!! aarrgghhh!! so torn!! i dont know what to do!! :confused1:

    amor mundi

    hatty :)
  20. critch

    critch Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    Sounds like a fantastic night. So jealous...

    I'm really glad love is music is back in it. To me, it was always the show piece. The one that gripped you, turned you upside down, and dropped you, just at the point in the show where you begining to think you were getting a handle on him. Particularly if it includes a string break.

    I know nick is probably sick of it by now, but that's the way. Rachmaninov got sick of playing that prelude (the one that starts with those 8va bassa minins, da da dum) but it's what the people want, and they're paying the wage.

    I really hope he did blood song too. That is mesmerising. The version on the dvd is unbelievable, but live it just sends me into a jibbering wreck. But i could go on for hours about songs i'd like him to play...

    Was there much banter?

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