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Dr. Who

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KarinB, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. KarinB

    KarinB Guest

    Anyone else going to be glued to the TV in approximately 5 minutes time?

    Me and my kids cannot wait - it's the event of the year!!
  2. Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs Ride away in style

    Glued now!
  3. Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs Ride away in style

    Well that was a bit silly :-(
  4. Linda

    Linda Computer stained fingers


    Quite so - we want great story lines and action - not miniature Mr Blobby's. Rather disappointing I thought - but then I'm not a fan of Catherine Tate. What did everyone else think?
  5. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    didnt see it, but mostly because i prefer david when he isnt talking and never as scary as the tom baker ones.
    amor mundi
    hatty :)
  6. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    Unfortunately, any episode written by Russell T Davies is rubbish. Episodes written by Steven Moffat (notably "Blink" last year) are fantastic.

    I thought last night's was dire, but William (my ten year old) loved it... and after all, he's in the main target audience.
  7. SteveT

    SteveT Gracing the Bahamas in see through pyjamas

    As this "new era" of Doctor Who has progressed I've become progressively bored with it. Maybe because Christopher Eccleston was better than David Tennant. Maybe the novelty of reliving youth has faded - I'm definitely not target audience any longer. I won't bother with this series at all and Catherine Tate has a lot to do with that as well.

  8. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Have to disagree, I'm afraid.

    I never thought I'd get over Billie Piper's going, but Freema Who'sit won me over. Ditto Eccleston and Tennant.

    Likewise I've never been a fan of the Tate woman, but I thought she made an impressive start last night - enough at least for me to think about revising my judgement.

    As for the storyline, yes, there I agree, it was very silly for what should have been an opening blockbuster, but there were some nice touches.
    The worst bit was the Mary Poppins-like waving bye bye to Bernard Cribbins from the Tardis: that should be impossible - I mean, travelling with the door open? - but the spooky re-appearance of the Lovely Rose sort of compensated.

    I think we'll be ok. Next week in Ancient Rome looks promising.
  9. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    is the tortoise still in it?? i dont know his name ......
    ah john simm (the infinate power of the google god!)
    doesnt he look like

    amor mundi
  10. KarinB

    KarinB Guest

    We enjoyed it - I thought it was a little bit silly - but my kids really enjoyed it. I think Catherine Tate has brought some light heartedness to it but I don't suppose that's what real fans of the programme really want.

    Personally, as long as David Tennant is in it I will watch it come hell or high water.:blushing:
  11. katrina

    katrina I've got a zappy little nappy

    I'm still getting over the ending of torchwood :p- although I must say that sexy James Marsters appearance made it all worthwhile.

    I enjoyed Doctor Who - although it was silly but good if you know what I mean.

    Went and saw the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff the other month - very good just for the shop. I am the proud owner of a darlek air freshner in my car - come on you know you want one ... :D
  12. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Yes again.

    Sad to see the end of Torchwood, and even sadder that they killed off Tosh and Owen (if they did, of course - never trust a Time Rift, sez I).

    I really didn't get into the first series, but this one has been excellent.
  13. Kenny_Wisdom

    Kenny_Wisdom Computer stained fingers

    It was a weak episode, but it still made for an entertaining hour, perched on the couch with a plate of Spag' bol. to munch through. I was waiting for the cute blobbys to turn into sharp teethed demons...but alas...

    I'm kind of divided on Russel T Davies's writing...I get what he's doing - introducing contemporary themes, and he always slips in some gayness when he gets half a chance, which always makes me chuckle - but it is my ambition to be able to nobble him at a Q & A session with this statement:

    "So Russell, loving Dr. Who. I'm particularly interested in how you incorporate contemporary issues into your writing - particularly things like globalisation and capitalism - you know, like how the corporates take over. Not at all like your takeover of the Beeb, though....when at one time you could find Dr. Who...Torchwood...Sarah Jane Adventures all screening at the same time...oh, no Russell! Not at all like that! - Discuss!"


    I did go to a Dr. Who convention once when I must have been only about 5 or 6, and Jon Pertwee was there. It was a Saturday and all me and my brother could ask our dad was would he be back in time to be on TV tonight? Yes son, he's got a TARDIS.

  14. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Up Pompeii

    A better episode, I thought, but the attempts at humour and in-jokes, and the silly Welsh bit, I found off-putting. In fact the language-confusion thing was dredged from the murky depths of the appalling " 'Allo, 'Allo".

    That being said, the scare/monster factor was far higher than with the blobs of Plasticine last week.

    Ms Tate's contribution was quite strong, but she must learn to do what she's told, and understand that the Doctor does have a soul. In fact, he has several.
  15. DJ Burnham

    DJ Burnham I've got a zappy little nappy

    In a lava

    Oh I dunno, I quite enjoyed some of the puns and too good an opportunity to miss really - TK Maximus.

    With the Dr. having spent 900+ years with the eternal conundrum of do I/don't I interfere (admittedly with the benefit of 'panchronoligical' hindsight/foresight) I was pretty impressed with Catherine Tate's acting in the Tardis scene to persuade him to save the family. Rather 'Magma'-nimous of him. (grin)

    Dumdi-diddlydum-di-diddlydum . . .
  16. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    You're right about the conscience bit.

    I half thought of putting in a smiley after my last Tate bit. She is developing a feisty character there - although I hope she isn't allowed just to rerun the "Am I bovvered" bit too much.

    But I still thought the Latin/English/Welsh bits were rather contrived: funny once but not as a running joke.

    Still: I'd far, far, far rather watch the Doctor than any of the other rubbish they present as entertainment on a Saturday evening.
  17. Kenny_Wisdom

    Kenny_Wisdom Computer stained fingers

    Unit Rant

    I forgave them in the Pertwee years 'cos there really was no budget and I am sure for many actors it was a roll up, get changed, shoot and go type affair but one thing they never got right and last Saturday was no exception whatsoever is the bloody bleeding berets.

    Soldier, crack killing machine that you are, the elite, in U.N.I.T. - that's no way to wear a beret - it's not an aircraft carier you're plonking on your head - shape the bleeding thing - hot & cold water will do the trick and get your hair cut you're a blinking disgrace.


    End Rant :wink:
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2008
  18. DJ Burnham

    DJ Burnham I've got a zappy little nappy


    Wow - I thought 'Midnight' was superb. Totally dependent on great acting and suspense, devoid of a visible monster and underlined by claustrophobic xenophobia. Come to that the 'Silence in the Library' and 'Forest of the Dead' episodes were equally effective in the fear of the unseen.

    Dr Who grows up?

  19. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    I'm afraid I did not. In fact I actually nodded off for a couple of minutes during it, much to the disgust of my son William who was sat next to me!

    Russell T Davies cannot write a script to save his life (and a pet peeve, why has the sonic screwdriver become so overused?). The two "library" ones, by Mr Moffat, were very good though. Not quite up to the standard of "Blink" but very good.

    I think I have come to the conclusion that my favourite Doctor Who style is where there are tinges of horror included. "The Talons of Weng-Chyang" is a great example of this, along with "The Daemons", "The Pyramids of Mars", "The Green Death" and others from when I was the right age to watch this stuff :biggrin:
  20. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Couldn't agree more (with DJB - and disagree with PD). "Midnight" was brilliant. No need for special effects, simple set, and all in one place, too.

    Agree about the earlier episodes too.

    But what was that little glimpse of the lovely Billie P. all about?
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008

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