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Nick @ Talking Heads Portswood Southampton 27/3/09

Discussion in 'On Tour' started by aspwatterson, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Traveller's diary of a Harper hawker cont...once I got past Eastleigh junction where two lovers were entwined around each other like contortionists on a park bench; the flying pigeons were showing off their Red Arrow formational skills spinning around and around and around.... and where there is an undertakers and monumental masons called G. W. Bush!! No kidding!! But it's not funny I suppose on reflection when I think about all the blood on their hands. Monsters Insane. And you Blair if you're listening.

    On the train to the gig read in the Metro "Sometimes it just sucks to be a star. For millions of years you sit around quite happily being all big and bright and generally feeling pretty good about yourself. And why shouldn't you? After all you are 100 times more massive and a million times brighter than that underachieving cousin of yours, that Earthlings call 'SUN'. Then without any warning you explode in a supernova and that's your lot - dead before your time". Okay it wasn't a review of Roy or Nick!

    The next bit I found fascinating; still trying to wrap my head around : "This is exactly what scientists from the Weizmann Institute in Israel witnessed recently when a massive star exploded way too early in life suggesting that we don't understand stellar evolution as well as we thought.According to accepted theory a doomed star should go through a prescribed sequence of expanding to form a red giant before collapsing in on itself and finally going bang.The star in question is of a type known as a luminous blue variable - massive stars at least 150 million times the mass of the Sun - that during the countdown to supernova - should jettison all of the hydrogen on their surface. But our star still has some of its hydrogen envelope, suggesting that it exploded as much as a million years before its time. What could have caused the star to 'break the rules' is unknown but it could be evidence of a supernova trigger far more exotic than previously supposed. This antimatter theory suggests that in the colossaly high temperatures and pressures, light might have been converted into a pair of particles - one an electron and the other, it's antimatter counterpart, a positron. This could have caused a drop in pressure which might have ignited a runaway nuclear reaction that ripped the star apart.Whatever the cause, observations have revealed that only a small part of the star's mass was flung into space and that most of the material was drawn back into the collapsing core to form a black hole. Sometimes it really sucks to be a massive star." Okay and that wasn't a review of my failed relationships....

    Yeah, now back to Kissing Gates and Galaxy songs etc., sorry about that...oh yeah, on the train I also came across a good quote from Conan Doyle which I thought gelled like a bit of Harper cosmicness :

    'I have wrought my simple plan
    If I give one hour of joy
    To the boy who's half a man
    Or the man who's half a boy'

    I'm just amazed at the energy Nick infuses into his performances. Every song your attention is compulsorarily demanded. There's no escape. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere to be! There is a continuous waterfall freshness which has to be experienced live. You can't concentrate on the pint in front of you let alone write the set list for reviews down in the dark whilst listening. There are obviously some people in Southampton who really love him. The musical warmth,beer and banter flowed freely, bilaterally, to the point where Nick serenaded individual tables amongst us, almost making people cry at the direct emotional effect of him singing to them personally face to face. The sheer intensity. Right in their face. It's toe to toe stuff. Just wish the whole thing had been vided. Especially when he jumped up on the high bar behind us singing down to us flawlessly without missing a beat, finger or note. He leaves you breathless, and then the next song he does it again, even better, as some sort of climaxing volcano, and again and again... Might have to redit that last sentence? :blush5: It's unrelenting stuff. You feel like a boxer caught on the ropes of your mind. Some people enjoy the pain of being tortured, but there comes a point when their defences are breached and the dam bursts.And your opinions suffer widespread erosion. Not dissimilar to trying to open the packaging on a scrumptuous M&S ready roast meal when you're really hungry.You get so high you never want to come down! Okay and that wasn't a review of my clean sheets sex life.

    Even though I love him dearly I think I'd find it impossible to live with him. He's too much of a live wire. I'd have to take sedatives or something to keep up with him. The parts of your brain that other artists don't reach. The same talent that Roy has when you watch and listen, as though he is singing to you personally and with genuine concern as an individual.

    Luckily I turned up early and heard his soundcheck. Even the soundcheck should be recorded as it's amazing listening to him first check the levels/systems, then stretch his vocal chords [lots of high and lows -Ooooohs and Ahhhhsss], then the guitar. Told him he could meld his soundchecks into a masterpiece of their own, and he said he'd think about it. Or even write a song about it...prob been done before?

    The support act John Cockrum [sp?] was similarly amazing - very Nickish - with wonderful deep resonating guitar, mellifluous voice and beautiful songs "...throwing off her shoulders...we all sell ourselves too low...I want all the world and it's charms, and nothing else will do, baby baby I want you!"

    Anyway that's enough for now. Yeah STFU Andi! Hopefully that will keep LinnPR off my back for a while and I hope Nick reads some of the drivel we write and it's not using a pen like an electronic candle in the wind. I did tell him I was trying to write a personal review and kept remarkedly sober under the emotional extravaganza circumstances. The other highlight of the evening was having a chinwag with Steve T and borrowing a fiver off him coz the Cashpoint was closed.Steve send us your addy by PM or I'll see you in Aldershot sunshine. And if you're in London on April Fools Storm[cock] the Banks Day there's always Andy Roberts gig for a Stormcock impromptu meet? The downside was walking around in a cold Southampton all bleeding night coz the train engineering works cocked up the last train home and wasn't prepared to pay £72 to taxis circling me like sharks.

    chrs for noodles

    ps Just listened to the first part of Travellerman's radio Roy interview. He did actually call RW a two-faced selfish c**t on Irish radio not long ago. I'd hate to be on the end of his wrath methinks!
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  2. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Extraneously related..

    LinnPr told me to get people's comments, so did just that....walking around..in my craziness...

    Three people want to be remembered associated with the gig and asked me to give them a mention...

    I was at the bar at the time refilling my half empty glass...

    Beau Beth - barperson [friendly & attentive for a female barmaid!]

    Gracious Grant the bar manager [small black bearded friendly individual hovering behind the bar] said put his pseudonymical avatar up as 'Svelte' if I was going to do a Stormcock.net blog on Talking Heads. Lucky I do crosswords/Scrabble and knew what the hell he was on about?? Eh??!

    Rose [sitting at the bar] with green fluorecently-highlighted rings in her nose and god knows where else!

    But all very friendly. And loved Nick. And had a glorious laugh of communing souls under the auspices of the music & vibes all cosy surrounding.

    And then...bumped into.. [after Steve T]....

    Tony who kept me extemely occupied about his pre-natal conversion to all things Harper [without the depression] and just very fond memories. Unfortunately I had no time at all at this juncture to get violently pissed and he instructed me to write it all down which meant I nearly missed the closing bell which tolls for every alcoholic. Reading what I scribbled on the back of a beer stained envelope this [I think!] was the gist of it :

    Hyde Park '67 - Roy Harper, Pink Floyd,Third Ear Band [keyboard Hodges who went onto star in Chaz & Dave]

    Hyde Park '69 - Roy Harper,TEB [?],Rolling Stones headlining. Big punch ups in the audience, Hells Angels involved. He had to clean all the mess up as a teenage sub-contracted cleaner.Some guy gave him tickets for Albert Hall to see Chuck Berry.

    Glasto '71? Grateful Dead.

    1967? The Band [prob BD's oufit?] Last Waltz played at the Albert Hall. Controversial sound because they were electric playing country.

    Blackbush Common, near Basingstoke - Bob Dylan; he was right at the front. I was there, but right at the back! [about 2 miles!]. Don't ask me the year. A hundred million light years from home probably!

    Fulham Road, Cafe Des Artists with Swedish girls in the audience.

    Le Berge Cafe another place to hang around with girls till late in the morning.

    Eel Pie Island Twickenham 67-70. Everyone played there from Edgar Broughton Band to the Stones to Thin Lizzy.

    I asked him if he'd ever heard of the famous hippy hang out called Gandalf's Garden in Worlds End Chelsea but he hadn't.

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