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Nick @ The Cluny, Newcastle Saturday 16 November 2013

Discussion in 'On Tour' started by Watcher, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Watcher

    Watcher Computer stained fingers

    Setlist for last night's gig.

    Blue Sky Thinking
    Passing Chord
    Juicy Fruit Girl
    Holiday On Earth
    Love Is Due
    Reality Check
    This Is The Beginning/Start Again
    The Story Of My Heart
    Guitar Man inc. Whole Lotta Love
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond


    Treasure Island
    2 Secs (intro)
    Titties And Beer
    For You

    Another storming gig - Nick being supplied with numerous triple tequilas to lubricate his tonsils and release his inhibitions, which worked a treat! Love is Due was sung in response to an alcoholic donation, as was Treasure Island. 2 secs was attempted but relinquished after the intro with "No, I can't remember it". Titties and Beer had Gove as Old Nick's target - he was introduced as a complete lizard, not a lizard underneath with an outer human shell but all there on the outside to be seen, with a memorable Nick portrayal of him, lizard tongue and all. Highlight for me was a stunning Harperiffic version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond - hope he keeps that one in!
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  2. spiderdlb

    spiderdlb a choice with no voice

    Sounds brilliant! Just the sort of good news stories we need! I'm glad he played Love is Due, I've really grown to like that one. Best wishes, Robin.

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