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Songs that always make you cry...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by HarperPR, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    What songs - anybody's - are always guaranteed to set you off every time you hear them? And why do we? Is it the lyrics that get to us, the melody, the vocal or because we associate it with a certain time, place, person or event?

    Three that do it for me are:

    This Woman's Work - Kate Bush
    Goin Back - Dusty Springfield
    You've Lost That Lovin Feeling - The Righteous Brothers
  2. SHAUN I

    SHAUN I It's so clear on the wings of the dawn

    Only one for me, it harks back to my childhood..and it's Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World.:crying:
  3. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Linda Thompson: "I Live Not Where I Lie" (think that's the title - might be "... Love.")

    Combination of the words, the voice and fabulous production.

    Oh, and "I'll See You Again"
  4. philmch

    philmch I've got a zappy little nappy

    Richard Thompson: Woods Of Darney.
  5. Barry

    Barry Computer stained fingers

    Richard and Linda Thompson, A heart needs a home.
    The live version on TOGWT was awesome.
  6. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    roy - another day
    tull - wondering aloud
    tim buckley - song to the siren

    they all are part of a very pain part of me and altho i listen to the regularly, i almost always think i can manage them without welling up and i almost always fail!

    amor mundi

    hatty :)
  7. critch

    critch Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    The lark ascending - vaughan williams which was played at my dad's funeral.
    Before they put me in the ground,
    eva cassidy's somewhere over the rainbow
  8. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    I'll add "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" - the Roberta Flack version
  9. Friar Snig

    Friar Snig Computer stained fingers

    'Comfortably Numb', by the Floyd.
    'The Air That I Breathe' by The Hollies.
    'Ommadawn' by Mike Oldfield, and bits of 'Taurus II'.
    'Amazing Grace', but it has to be a version by a massed bagpipe band.

    Music can become so deeply embedded in our minds as an accompanying soundtrack to particular memories, that just hearing a brief snatch of a tune can instantly bring all the emotions you associate with those memories flooding back. Powerful stuff, music.
  10. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Briefest Snatches

    Absolutely right.

    There are little clips - running bass lines, emphasis on a particular word, accidental (almost) harmonics and so on - that catch me every time I hear them, or take me back to where I was when I first heard them.

    An example is a rising guitar line towards the end of "Man of the World" (Fleetwood Mac) that still turns me to jelly 40 or so years after I first heard it, in a roadside cafe near the entrance to Glencoe.
  11. Watcher

    Watcher Computer stained fingers

    Winter Song by Lindisfarne - I used to go to see them every Christmas at Newcastle City Hall for about ten years, and I never failed to well up when Alan Hull sang it - it just about says it all for me.

    When Winter's shadowy fingers first pursue you down the street
    And your boots no longer lie about the cold around your feet
    Do you spare a thought for Summer whose passage is complete
    Whose memories lie in ruins and whose ruins lie in heat

    When Winter.... comes howling in.

    When the wind is singing strangely, blowing music through your head
    And your rain-splattered windows make you decide to stay in bed
    Do you spare a thought for the homeless tramp who wishes he was dead
    Or do you pull your bed-clothes higher, dream of Summertime instead,
    When Winter.... comes howling in.

    The creeping cold has fingers that caress without permission
    And mystic crystal snowdrops only aggravate the condition
    Do you spare a thought for the gypsy with no secure position
    Who's turned and spurned by village and town and the Magistrate's decision,
    When Winter.... comes howling in.

    When the turkey's in the oven and the Christmas presents are bought
    And Santa's in his module - he's an American astronaut -
    Do you spare a thought for Jesus, who had nothing but his thoughts,
    Who got busted - just for talking, and befriending the wrong sorts,
    When Winter.... comes howling in.
    When Winter.... comes howling in.
  12. Kenny_Wisdom

    Kenny_Wisdom Computer stained fingers

  13. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    The More You Look, The More You Find

    Not really trying to be Thread Bore #1 (although I must try to lose my "Computer Stained Fingers" soubriquet - see? it worked!), but can I throw in "Time", Tom Waits's immense masterpiece, and particularly the recent version by Heidi Talbot (www.heiditalbot.com)?

    Hers is utterly superb, even if the same album does contain the appalling "Whisperin' Grass".
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2008
  14. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Kenny's just reminded me of one...I think it's called My Death (?) and it may have been Brel (?) or someone obscure originally, but David Bowie did it live.

    And another is A Different Corner - George Michael.
  15. sughosh

    sughosh I've got a zappy little nappy

    The Queen and The Soldier by Suzanne Vega

    Utterly heartbreaking
  16. Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs Ride away in style

    Since I put it on my latest compilation, Eric Bogle's "Waltzing Matilda" about Gallipoli, has brought tears to my eyes several times. The man's a genius.
  17. fuzzytnth3

    fuzzytnth3 Gracing the Bahamas in see through pyjamas

    What a Wonderful World.

    I heard a lovely story about a couple who were expecting there first child. The mother had planned the delivery as much as she could for herself but the one thing she had complete control over was recording a cassette for her husband for him to listen to after the birth.

    She gave him the tape as he was about to head home for some sleep and told him not to play it until he was alone. He dutifully did as he was asked and put the tape on when he got in the car to drive home, what played first was What A Wonderful World, he had to stop the car, pull over as he couldn't see where he was going as he was crying so much.

    Every time I hear that song it cracks me up.
  18. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Not A Wonderful World

    I can empathise with the people in the example you quote, but I've got to be honest and say that this particular song is one that I simply cannot stand! If it comes anywhere near me, I have to turn it off, I'm afraid.

    As always, it takes all sorts, but it strikes me as being so sickly-saccharin sweet as to be intolerable.

    Ho hum.
  19. madness

    madness I've got a zappy little nappy

    songs that make you cry

    Bell book and candle by Eddie Reader is of of my sad songs and for my old sickley one Moon River by Danny Williams. both moving songs for me :wink:
  20. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Lachrymose lyrics

    Fields of gold
    Tears in Heaven
    Forever autumn


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