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these 30 years.......

Discussion in 'Anecdotes' started by dave w, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. dave w

    dave w Computer stained fingers

    Just noticed the wall-to-wall Glastonbury coverage on BBC...........then I realised that I first saw Roy at Glastonbury in 1981. A mere 30 years ago.
    What a long strange trip it's been.

    Also on the bill that year - Hawkwind, New Order, Gong, John Cooper Clarke, Ronnie Lane, Aswad, Taj Mahal, Robert Hunter etc etc.

    Not many of those would get near to playing the main stage nowadays.

    Probably the most notable part of Roys set was Ginger Baker wondering on & dismantling the drum kit during True Story - Ginger got hit on the forehead by a bottle or rock during his set, harsh but fair.

    Anyway, I've seen Roy once or twice since then, but not Ginger Baker.

    Of the others on the bill, I still venture out for Hawkwind, John Cooper Clarke & Gong. Old habits die hard.

    There's a cartoon in this weeks Private Eye of people milling around at Glastonbury - one says to another "I just met someone who wasn't from the BBC".

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