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Watford Gap

Discussion in 'Words and Music' started by Way Out Willie, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Will someone explain what "Watford Gap" is about to this pitiful American? Here's my theory: It's a city where Stonehenge is located, with a small diner. "Bullinghamvase" is a great album; "One of Those Days In England" is fantastic, too. What does "Bullinghamvase" mean? Sorry about that George Bush fellow.
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  4. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Bully Naming Vase? /watford Gap


    Yeah have always thought it was about Roy's sometime behaviour to the outside world like throwing stones in religious/legal/political glasshouses or even to the extent of harming his body by over-indulging on certain things.
    For instance eating crappy food at the Motorway Service Station (Like American diners) at the Watford Gap on the M1.

  5. Thanks, I finally get it: Bull in a Ming vase. It eluded me all this time. Now Roy is known for expounding his views on religion, which I am largely in concurrence with. Maybe this would be a good subject for a thread; I am aware of the touchy nature of this topic. We managed to talk quite a bit about religion on, of all places, the allaboutjazz forum before being told by an administrator to cool it and not mention specific religions. The song that comes to my mind is "Don't You Grieve". It seems a perfectly logical song, with a knowlege of history behind it. Another is "The Black Cloud Of Islam", in which he mentions Salman Rushdie, who is a perfectly nice atheist. Rushdie was interviewed on Bill Moyer's show, which is more left-of-center than most American media.
  6. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    Just so everyone knows, there's no problem with discussing religion etc here, and indeed in mentioning specifics, unless it results in personal attacks or specifically directed "hate". This is a hard thing to quantify but I'll know it if I see it! Reasoned debate is never a problem.

  7. iolo goch

    iolo goch Guest

    And I take as todays text... So how DOES it feel to have your god strapped to your wrist.

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