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What made you cringe today ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bigchris, May 31, 2009.

  1. bigchris

    bigchris Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    In complete contrast to another thread in this topic, started by Linn ... something that's been bubbling up inside me for quite a while now ... and so just have to get it off my chest !!

    Last week, as some of you know; I went to see Christy Moore at the RFH and I expected the gig to be good ... well in fact I expected it to be excellent ( great artist & venue ) ... and I wasn't dissapointed !! Cost £35, he played for two hours ( including the obligatory fake encore ), played some new and old songs, his own and cover versions ... good inbetween song banter ... overall a cracking gig. So obviously at the end ... I applauded him !! IMHO he deserved the applaud .... but then most of the crowd gave him a standing ovation .... why ? Yes, as I said he was great ... but that's what you pay for ! If he'd have done all that for free ... then yep I would have joined in the standing ovation ... but he didn't ... he did exactly what people paid him to do ... i.e. he did his job !

    IMHO standing ovations, should be reserved for something that is oustandingly good ... something much better than what was expected, something unique ... something that wouldn't have been repeated ... the next day at the same venue !!

    Tonight .... I had the misfortune of switching channels and finding myself watching some of Britains got Talent ... and that's what really spurred me to write this .... every chuffing act got standing ovataions !! They even gave them to the acts that performed ( apparently ) the same song/set that they had played ealier in the competion ... and they even gave standing ovations to at least one act as soon as she came on stage ... she hadn't even begun to sing ?!?!

    I did a bit of googling on this topic, to see if anyone else had the same feelings as me ... and came across the following article where the reviewer was as disgusted as me on the topic ... but he believes the problems stems from the Yanks !!

  2. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    I agree in every respect.

    Something else that intrigues me is the matter of encores. Every gig I go to works to the same formula: "This is the last number" ... Standing Ovation ... "Well if you insist" ... pre-rehearsed extra tune, really part of the play-list. Why not just add it into the main set?

    The only variation on this was Dick Gaughan who didn't know what to play as an encore and asked for requests!

    As for BGT, don't get me started. Lowest common denominator bread-and-circuses crap. In the 18th Century they payed to go and gawp at the inmates of Bedlam; in the 19th Century it was the Fairground Freakshow...

  3. SHAUN I

    SHAUN I It's so clear on the wings of the dawn

    I agree with the standing ovation malarkey Chris..And BGT, her indoors watches this programme, I catch bits of the sound when I take my headphones off occasionally. I think they are pushing it a bit calling it Britains got talent!! :biggrin: In my opinion there is a distinct lack of talent & decent musicianship in most "pop music" these days!

    So much so I have stopped listening to the radio in the car.
  4. Shane

    Shane Computer stained fingers

    ive come to expect an encore at a certain type of gig so would feel cheated if the couple of extra songs i was looking forward to failed to show up even if it isnt a real encore.

    i think christy moore might now belong to that group of musicians who have hoards of simpering mindless fans who are incapable of thinking critically about what their hero does. certainly in my home country of ireland thats the case anyway, its taken for granted that you think he hes a national hero. personally i cant stand him. tom waits fans are particularly prone to this kind of thing too (all of them). maybe another factor in the encore thing is that people want to feel theyve been to a really special gig so get up and clap while others then dont want to ruin their fun so join in.

    im off to do something about my cynicism
  5. pete c

    pete c I've got a zappy little nappy

    I agree totally. A standing ovation is devalued this way, and is certainly not justified for a second rate Kenny G playing a sax to a backing track on BGT.

    I'm not such a fan of Christy, as of his brother Barry (Luka Bloom) but I do like his versions of Does This Train Stop on Merseyside and particularly Shine On You Crazy Diamond, on his new album. The rest leaves me a bit cold & I think he pushes the Dublin accent a bit too much....
  6. Kenny_Wisdom

    Kenny_Wisdom Computer stained fingers

    I approve so wholehearetedly of this thread that I am compelled to give it a standing ovation!

    Bravo! More!

    :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:
  7. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Does this also include what annoyed you? If so, the middle aged smelly man on the bus yesterday, reeking of B0. I had to get up and move...not before telling he needed some deodorant. This shouldn't be allowed:biggrin: it's bad enough travelling without having to put up with people who have no regard for others with their personal hygiene.:angry:
  8. telemonster

    telemonster I've got a zappy little nappy

    that guy off 'the wright stuff' calls it 'britain exploits the mentally challenged'!
    the panel were throwing 'standers' around like confetti, too! ...er, so i've heard..!
  9. telemonster

    telemonster I've got a zappy little nappy

    well, if you will travel with the great unwashed!

    back to the chauffeur driven limo for you, then?
  10. Kenny_Wisdom

    Kenny_Wisdom Computer stained fingers

    If this is the rant thread, then my rant of the week goes to these people:
    The Community Speed Watchers.
    At least I think that’s what they try calling themselves. Basically, they’re do-gooders who receive a little bit of hand held speed camera training from their local community bobby, get kitted out with a few high visibility fluorescent jackets, and then they stand at the side of the road, gurning like village idiots. There is a universal law that there will always be enough bodies as there are jackets. It just is. This allows the standard distribution of labour to take place, which is:

    1. Mid-life Crisis Man, probably taken early retirement due to ill health (or the “scandal” that took place on the company training weekend to the Lake District). He ALWAYS operates the camera. Like a man possessed, he won’t relax his grip on the kit for a second. As he looks down the body of the camera I bet you he says, “Bandits at 12! Rat-a-tat-tat!” to himself as each car drifts across his sights.

    2. Older Grey Haired Clip-board Woman. When she’s not flower arranging for the church she gets entrusted with the Traffic Safety Clipboard (TSC). She takes this responsibility extremely seriously, having being versed in all the vagaries of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and thus aware that she is but a pen scribe away from the clang of the prison door (CPD). This is the most excitement she’s had in her life for YEARS. In truth, she gets very few car numbers, (but knows lots of technical industry abbreviations, which she drops into conversation from time to time) because all the drivers had slammed on their anchors 3 miles away, when they first saw the mass huddle of fluorescence in the distance...

    3. Random Woman. That’s it. That’s her job. She doesn’t get to operate the camera, or hold the clipboard, but she does get to wear a jacket. Her job is to just stand there, possibly as tail gunner for Mid life Crisis Man.

    Now, I don’t have any particular desire to go hurtling around the countryside speeding, and yes, speeding kills, granted. But these mobs do my nut in. They really do. It’s the utter zeal with which they litter the countryside, pointing their probes at drivers, grinning like kids on a school camp - and the biggest joke is they have no legal powers at all! Now get that blooming thing out my face!
  11. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Might/might not agree with you in general terms, but daughter and grandsons live in a village plagued by large numbers of rat-running/satnav-directed gravel lorries, and their drivers, who pay no attention to any speed limit, let alone the 30 that operates in the village.

    Given that the police are so over-stretched in numbers and demands that they can never monitor the village, and given that the Highways Authority will never impose a weight restriction because the Owners Wouldn't Like It, I have to support all the people you describe, even if their efforts are unlikely to succeed, if it does anything, even by irritation, to make it less likely that one of my family cops it.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2009
  12. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Standing Ovation

    Eric Bogle and John Munro were brilliant, nay superb (if not everybody's cup of tea) in Glasgow last night, but received no standing ovation. Just thought you'd like to know.
  13. pete c

    pete c I've got a zappy little nappy

    Good. Withholding standing ovations is the new giving them.

    It happened on America's Got (precious little) Talent last night, some average opera singer got Hasselhoof on his feet after a gruelling 45 second performance of missed notes.
  14. scotpaulabear

    scotpaulabear Halfway up my own guitar, propping up another bar

    Oh, how I wish I could disagree with you... :wink:
  15. NoCelebrity

    NoCelebrity Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    I feel so much better

    After reading all your "complaints" my gripes seem petty in comparison, or maybe I just don't know where to begin...

    No one in America admits to watching "America's Got Talent." I think it gets better ratings in Europe, based upon the comments here... (just being cheeky!)

    My biggest pet peeve of late is all the people complaining about every little problem and every little deviation from their unique perceptions of "normal." I'm talking about TV commentators, politicians, and that general ilk. (Our peeves don't count, irony emphasized).

    Seriously, now, why don't we all return to what we have in common and finding answers that make everyone happy, instead of making everything an issue that divides us all? i.e. If you can't offer a reasonable solution, why bother to complain? "He got to complain, so now it's my turn..."

    Anyone with a reasonable path to world peace or a sustainable world environment, please respond:banghead:

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