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yet another hello

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by James, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. James

    James I've got a zappy little nappy

    Hi, I am a Roy Harper fan and I am also very sick I have sore throat, my nose is snot machine and I feel dizzy (maybe from the cough syrup). Every time I lay down I start sneezing. I feel like I am going to die so this forum is a bit of distraction for me right now.

    Roy Harper is one of my favorite musicians, different styles of music can be like comparing apples and oranges so I don't really have a favorite musician per se. Lately I have been enjoying instrumental music like Harold Budd's The Pearl, or The Plateaux of Mirror. I would describe the musicians and music that I listen to as being very pensive

    I never meet Roy but in a way he is a imaginary friend because when I play his music I feel emotionally connected with him so I wish him all the best. So take care of yourself especially you Roy.
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  2. Travellerman

    Travellerman Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    Welcome aboard! The Pearl is one of my favourite albums, and together with The Plateaux of Mirror are what I fall asleep too most nights! That might not be much of a compliment to Eno or Budd, but they are timeless and I never get sick of them. I hope you get better and enjoy the forum.

  3. Nigels

    Nigels Computer stained fingers

    Hello! and welcome.
    Harold Budd! Phew! A bit "out there". I got a couple of his CDs - Lovely Thunder and Luxa. Not listened to them in ages though. I also like a bit of Klaus Schulze and Philip Glass.
    I also play a few of Roy's songs - loving How Does It Feel right now.
  4. Shane

    Shane Computer stained fingers

    You've come to the right place
  5. James

    James I've got a zappy little nappy

    Hello again, I am feeling better :)

    Nigels, Luxa is a nice warm album it has been a while since I listened to it, I think I like Plateux of mirror better it's bit more moody and you can also listen to “how does it feel” from the Roy Harper Tribute All you need is what you have and several other songs at https://myspace.com/allyouneediswhatyouhave/music/songs.

    I first heard Roy Harper many years ago when I was a teenager back in 1996 from a Jethro Tull tribute album called a Tull Tale. Ian Anderson had a lot of great things to say about Roy Harper and vise versa. Things were different back then when you wanted to hear what an artist sounded like you had to go to a listening station in a music store, there was no youtube, Pandora, soundclound etc. Instead of using flash-drives we used CDs but now we are discovering that vinyls are much better, they seem to be overtaking the CD shelfs now. Anyway so I ordered the album Stormcock and listened to it in the store but because it was an import it was too expensive for me to buy at the time. A few years later I bought the Dream Society and loved it now I have all of Roy's album's except for compilations and best of. I also like Alexi Murdoch, Cat Stevens, Christy Moore, Gregory Allan Isakov, Jimmie Spheeris, Jonathan Wilson, Judee sill, Junip, Leonard Cohen, Michael Hedges, Nick Drake, Paul Horn, Porcupine Tree, Redgum, Steve Wilson and Warren Zevon.

    Roy Harper's music communicates with me at a whole different level then other musicians. Right now my favorite album is Man & Myth.
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