The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 9 - Shownotes

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In the May 2008 episode:


News. Description of the "eccentric blog":

Part 1: 
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Nick Live dates in 2008, available here.

I'll See You Again from Valentine

An interview with Paul Davison conducted by Nick Lane

In The Morning from Today Is Yesterday

A-Z of Harper: 'I' for I Hate The White Man.

I Hate The White Man. This version is from Live at Les Cousins

Listener Feedback

If from Once


I Want To Be In Love from The Dream Society

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I thought I was looking at a

I thought I was looking at a picture of Bill Oddie there for a moment 

podcast 9

Paul, really, really enjoyed the Mark Thompson articles.  A rare insight into some behind-the-scenes activities in the Roy Harper camp.  On another subject - I've always wondered, and never heard, why many of Roy's buddies, Page, Plant, Gilmour, Kate Bush, never made an onstage appearance at Roy's 60th birthday concert.  Any info on that?  Also, a suggestion of music inclusion on a future podcast, if you can find it - Water Sports, the B-side of the Short and Sweet single from Unknown Soldier.  It's one of the few Roy songs that I've not heard.  Keep up the good work, Randy  USA


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Water Sports

I don't actually have Water Sports and I've never heard it. If anyone can help me out with a copy please get in touch via the contact link at the top of the page, I'd love to include it in the podcast...

Re the 60th concert, I don't have any inside info but I always had the impression that it was probably better that way to avoid the "special guests" mentality overshadowing Roy's music. Just a guess though. Jimmy Page was at Roy's private birthday party the next day (I was there too) so he was certainly around.

Thanks for the comments, Randy.

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Water Sports

It looks like I have a winner, I'll post here again if that falls through and I need more help - thanks!



Found the eccentricblogg entries facinating and sad at the same time...and looking thru my singles have PUBS 1001 "On-one ever gets out alive" b/w "Caualty", [live Glastonbury1982], also HAR 5207 Short and Sweet single, with Water Sports and Unknown Soldier on the B-side.

Re the Forum entries, I've both Gutbucket albums, 2nd hand from years ago, Roy just on Son of..., "Sergeant Sunshine" .

Excellent Podcast as ever, like others really liked "If", first time I've heard this.

Cheers, Colin.