The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 10 - Shownotes

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In the June 2008 episode:


The Fly Catcher from The Unknown Soldier

The concluding half of the interview with Dave and Sue Burnham

Unknown Soldier from the single (currently unavailable)

Ere Winter Ends from Poems, Speeches, Thoughts and Doodles (currently unavailable)

A-Z of Harper: 'J' for Jack of Hearts. Also, for Jimmy Page and Joanna Newsom

Jack of Hearts from Work of Heart

Listener Feedback

The Death of God from the single


Water Sports from the Unknown Soldier single (currently unavailable)

In a Beautiful Rambling Mess from Come Out Fighting Genghis Smith

Please note that all music used in the podcast is copyrighted and used with permission.

The audio on Unknown Soldier and Water Sports is poor. My apologies for this; the original MP3 was encoded at quite a low bit rate and I had to do quite a lot of restoration to remove scratches and pops.

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