The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 11 - Shownotes

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In the July 2008 episode:

Intro, including Theme One from Fruits Du Mer

Dancing All The Night from The Dream Society

An interview with Chris Politzki. You can contact Chris at or if facebook is your thing do a search on his full name.

North Country from Live at Les Cousins

A-Z of Harper: 'K' for Kangaroo Blues

Kangaroo Blues from Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion

Listener Feedback

Loony on the Bus from Loony on the Bus (currently unavailable)


Punch And Judy from Beyond The Door

Please note that all music used in the podcast is copyrighted and used with permission.

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Incidental music is from Apple's Garageband library and is free to use
The cover of Theme One and Ogdens Nut Gone Flake is by Fruits Du Mer

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It turned out better than I thought! Cheers for pulling it all together Paul. I'd more than welcome comments or questions from people listening to the podcast. It's not very often that I get to talk 'Harper' here in the states.

Also wanted to post a link to the black & white photograph I mentioned in the podcast. Archive of Roy's Site

As I mentioned, this was used on Roy's site, looks like from 1998 through 2002. It's tucked back in the background, so look closely. :-)

It seems I didn't get to mention everything I aimed to mention... wanted to through out there that I was at the Oval Cricket Ground when Roy did his reissue press release and in mid-set, he decided to go backstage & 'reinvent his self'. Well, for you that don't know, he proceeded to shave his full-grown beard which he had grown in India. I believe I video taped the whole process with Nick & Darren. Needless to say, he looked much younger after doing so and shocked the members of the press in doing so. A fond memory which I failed to share in the podcast.

Cheers Paul!

Chris J. Politzki
cjpolitzki [at] studio119 [dot] com

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The Oval

Interestingly, I was at that Oval event as well, but I can't remember talking to you Chris. Actually... hmm... I might even have a tape recording of part of it somewhere as well, though goodness knows where. I'm going to have to think about that a bit more, it was a long time ago!

The Oval

I bet we actually met up there as well as at the Dominion... hmmm.... strange how memory fails us all. Roy was actually supposed to borrow my guitar for that performance, but decided against it once he played on. It's a difficult one to play on, but at least I can say that he played Commune on it for a sound check once. ;-)

Maybe I've got a photo of you somewhere from that Oval event... I'll have to poke around. Oh yeah, typo in my first post.... meant to say throw instead of through that out there... oops!


Chris J. Politzki
cjpolitzki [at] studio119 [dot] com