The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 13 - Shownotes

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In the mid-August 2008 episode:

Intro, including Miles Remains from Death Or Glory

Part 2 of an interview with Roy Harper. Roy can be found at or on myspace at

Photo taken by Paul during a break in the podcast recording.

Your Tongue in Their Cheeks from Poems, Speeches, Thoughts and Doodles (currently unavailable)

A-Z of Harper: 'M' for McGoohans Blues and Me and My Woman

Me and My Woman from Royal Festival Hall Live 2001

Credits and Legals

Feedback from the Stormcock list meet at the Cropredy Festival

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Fantastic portrait.  Have

Fantastic portrait.  Have you any others to share?

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Sadly not

I only took a few shots. The other good one will accompany the next podcast

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Stunning photo of Roy

You can almost see mysterious intelligence shining out of his eyes!

Interesting to hear how he defended his 'puerile' songs like Pan, Forbidden Fruit, 'Zappy Nappy' and that ilk etc., and even though they sound superfluous they  certainly do break up the over-preaching tedium, and  there are always deep subterranean messages within each song anyway.

Like Sir Francis Bacon , Freud etc. that if it's human it should be put under the microscope and not regarded as alien but a representation of nature itself which we are born into [ or for that matter culture] and can be objectively analysed/represented as such without fear or excluding anything.

Sounded like Crop was fun. Hope you weren't refering to me when you told him that you get upset sometimes when bombarded with crap! Ha!