The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 14 - Shownotes

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In the September 2008 episode:

Intro, including Che from Valentine

News: The Roy Harper tribute album project can be found here.

Part 3 of an interview with Roy Harper. Roy can be found at or on myspace at

A combined MP3 of the entire interview will be available by mid-September at

Photo taken by Paul during a break in the podcast recording.

Credits and Legals

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Photo of Roy

Just noticed you can see PD taking the photo reflected in the window behind.





Podcast 14

Well done Paul, it was great to hear Roy with his many and varied opinions and stories. I was sad to hear about his health problems, I felt kind of priviliged to be told about his personal business. I didn't quite understand why 'Between Every Line' couldn't be released as a double CD. Gatefold cardboard mini LP sleeve would be fabulous. I hope we haven't seen the last of him on stage, he's still a great performer. I wonder why the fans haven't bought the DVD in any great numbers, it's a top piece of work and Roy is obviously proud of it, he should've mentiond it when you asked him what he was proud of. As ever he was modest, I don't have to be modest for him, he's the best songwriter ever, he hardly has any real duds. His output stands proudly head and shoulders above anybody elses and he's not finished yet. Good news that Roy has half a new CD ready, let's hope he hits a creative streak and gets on with it. I'll continue to spread the word about the great Roy Harper, maybe this tribute album will do some good in that department. Does Roy know about it? Has he heard any of the tracks? Is there any info about other covers of Roy's songs on the Stormcock Community? I've checked them out on U-tube, some are OK. If I don't stop soon I'll have written a book . Once again, well done and thanks, but most of all HATS OFF TO ROY HARPER.  Luv, Dave, xxx