Hope springs eternal

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Well, a month on from my last post and at last I have some good news.  I've picked up a three month contract as Information Governance Project Manager at an NHS Primary Care Trust.  It will be an interesting challenge to actually be responsible for implementing controls rather than just reviewing and testing controls that someone else is responsible for.  Ultimately,someone else will be coming in to do to my handiwork what I have ben doing to others'!  It's a relief that this has come along now, before I got stuck in the slough of despond, and while I still have some pennies to my name.  I may even be able to indulge my musical and gastronomical appetites once more!  In preparation and celebration, I've been listening to some awesome concert footage of The Savage Rose on YouTube, kindly pointed out to me on the Stormcock mailing list by Mark Bishop of Reading.  When Mary gets home from work, we're going out for a meal .

The whole experience with recruitment consultants, career coaches, executive consultants, the JobCentre, interviews, online networking etc has been an eye-opener, not to mention the pleasure from kind comments by former colleagues, fellow cockers, chess players and family members.  Even the odd unkind jibe can now be dismissed with equanimity.


odhu ntinggo!



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Well done Bob!



Unemployment's just an ashtray

A Giroscope was my best wheel

Job centres were my highway

Restaurant fare my next meal

I needed my own good  salary

And I've managed to fix the deal!

Monthly salary on arrival

Wad of cash in my hand.


And you try to tell me that materialism's

Found me a brand new car?

And you try to warn me that there's only one system

One new debt a bridge too far! 




.....so kid, you might as well just start to freewheel...



andi [good news for a nice change!]

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Thanks Andi

Amusing new take on some of Roy's greatest words ....