Paul Davison's biography

Paul was born in May 1965 in Ilford, Essex. His interest in music started with his first album purchase of "Tubular Bells" and he hasn't looked back since then. At school he developed a strong interest in computing after seeing his first computer, a Commodore PET, which was one of only two that the school owned. A degree and MSc in computer science followed, and while at University Paul started going to gigs in earnest. Roy Harper, who Paul had first heard when he was 17, became a strong favourite and for many years to come a near-endless number of gigs were enjoyed.

After completing his studies Paul worked at the University of London for a few years, and during that time, which coincided with the very first beginnings of the Internet, Paul started up an online discussion group for fans of Roy in the form of an electronic mailing list. This list is still operational for people of what is now referred to as the "Luddite" persuasion.

Nick Harper emerged as the amazing, virtuoso player and gifted singer and songwriter that we know today, and provided even more gig opportunities for Paul to enjoy.

There had been a Harper appreciation web site run by Paul for many years but this used to be very static in nature. In the mid-2000s Paul decided to try out a new "dynamic" site based on some technologies he'd been experimenting with, and so was born the web site. Today this is a thriving hub for people interested in both Roy and Nicks music to get information about gigs, releases, and generally shoot the breeze with other like-minded people. In 2007 Paul bought a new Macintosh laptop and, one evening while enjoying some beers with some old workmates, it was suggested that he might like to try making a podcast with this new-fangled device.

This led to the Roy Harper podcast. It could easily have been just a one-off, but there was a huge amount of encouragement from the listeners to make some more. Paul's initial expectation of 25-50 listeners was blown away. The podcast continues, and Paul now makes it still on that same laptop but now using "Logic Express" with the final mastering done in Adobe Audition. The high point of the podcast so far was in the Summer of 2008 when he was invited to spend some time with Roy Harper at his home in Ireland, and recorded an epic interview with the man himself which was brought out over 3 podcasts.

Paul currently lives in Hertfordshire with his wife Vicky and their two cats, and runs an IT consultancy "Mistle Thrush Ltd".