Podcast 29, The Nick Harper Special #2 - Shownotes

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In this episode:


News: Roy on tour, Nick on tour, Nick's new album

One of the 38 from The Last Guitar

An interview with Nick Harper

Ana Dablam from The Last Guitar

Listener Feedback

Credits and Links

Twisted from Smithereens

Please note that music used in the podcast is copyrighted and used with permission.
For all your Roy Harper music needs visit http://www.royharper.com
For all your Nick Harper music needs visit http://www.harperspace.com
Incidental music in the feedback section is "Starlight" from Logic Gate's album Voyages. Thanks to magnatune.com for pod-friendly music.

To give feedback on the podcast please contact me podcast [at] stormcock [dot] net or call 01223 850282 (+44 1223 850282) to leave messages.

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Thanks for latest pod - feedback




Yeah! Thanks Paul you unsung hero!


I also enjoy your Twitter progress through life!

Does the archery practice keep the hand steady after the homebrew then?

Observing the photograph above, I see that you are drinking at least thirty per cent faster than Nick and the other guest /photographer, having measured it with my micrometer.

Be careful and observe your intake. Never end up relying on drink, even when interviewing God and his son.




Nick starting to sound more like Roy?

Hi Paul
just catching up on my podcast listening and caught ep 29 a day or so ago. Is it just me, or is Nick's voice on the material that you played from the new album starting to sound more and more like Roy's?

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Hmmm.. I can't say I quite

Hmmm.. I can't say I quite see (or hear) it myself though the timbre is definitely changing as he gets older. You've made me wonder now... time to listen to the album again and ponder