The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 31 - Shownotes

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In this episode:



The Spirit Lives from HQ

My wife's bike ride from Ho Chi Minh City to Ankor Wat. Vicky's blog is at

Ghost Dance from Once

Head in The Clouds by Elliot Knapp (14:55)

Interview with Elliot Knapp, including the tracks Chained and Bound (40:48) and Dedicated to You But You Were Napping (1:09:29)

Hiding from Heaven by Elliot Knapp (1:38:52)

Elliot writes:

I learned piano starting at age 8 and picked up guitar at age 15, starting to write songs soon thereafter.  My earliest influences included Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan, followed by Roy and so on.  I played with a band in college called The Same Old Rock which sort of organically dissolved after releasing one album of relatively mainstream folk-rock.  Since then I've retreated a bit more from performing, focusing on a more distinctive and idiosyncratic type of song and lyric writing that focuses mainly on acoustic guitar and dense poetic lyrics.  During my hermitage I've absorbed increasingly more different types of music and artists and in my own music I've made attempts to channel what I've learned from these eclectic influences through the lens of my own personal style without stealing too much from anyone or tying myself too strongly to one genre.  In Not-Even-Anything Land is the result of about 10 months of recording in my apartment and some in  my parents' basement--during this time I didn't play out at all and am now peeping my bleary eyes out of my cave in attempts to connect my extremely fully-realized but intensely personal product with other human beings.

Elliot's album can be purchased from and

Highway Blues from BBC Tapes Volume 3


Wishing Well from The Green Man

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Elliot's release info:

Elliot Knapp
In Not-Even-Anything Land
Seattle experimental/eccentric/avant folk singer/songwriter music—mostly acoustic, all tracks clean. 
Sounds Like:
Roy Harper with a Canterbury scene fixation
Scott Walker armed with only an acoustic guitar
Gene Clark fronting the Incredible String Band
Nick Drake if he quit moping and got pissed off about something
A one-man Henry Cow
Peter Hammill with a sense of humor and better guitar chops
Robbie Basho with one hand tied behind his back
Davy Graham with both hands tied behind his back
Comus performing a musical interpretation of the Taoist classics
Recommended Tracks:
Track 7 “Chained and Bound”—that “single” sound
Track 8 “Head in the Clouds”—attractively progressive
Track 2 “Dedicated to You, but You Were Napping”—on the folky side
Track 3 “No More”—for something a little more challenging