The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 35 - Shownotes

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In this episode:

Intro Music: The Great Roy Harper by Adam Leonard. Adam currently has a free sampler album to download.

News: November the 5th is nearly here! Details about Saturday's pre-gig meet. Also see here.

My Friend from Sophisticated Beggar

Interview with Jack Cramer

Model Woman by Jack Cramer

Psychopath from The Dream Society


True Story from The Unknown Soldier

Please note that the Roy Harper music used in the podcast is copyrighted and used with permission.
Model Woman is Copyright Jack Cramer and used with permission.

For all your Roy Harper music needs visit

To give feedback on the podcast please leave a message on the forums, or contact me at podcast [at] stormcock [dot] net. MP3 submissions are very welcome.

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Copyleft, Copyright!

Thanks, Paul. Now if my song ever becomes popular, it will be harder to steal!