End of Yesterday

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I have six months to go -23 weeks - until I retire from my Job as an NHS psychologist. Between now and then I hope to buy a narrowboat. I'll call it (her?) "End of Yesterday", which is part of the motto/mantra on the back of the cover of the first album (Guy Stevens produced)by the brilliant British psych band Mighty Baby:- "Tomorrow is the beginning of the end of yesterday". Seems kind of right for starting a nw life! Alan

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Retirement etc

Hi Alan Only just seen your blog entry as, under the dire influence of Facebook etc, I've forgotten to check in to stormcock for ages. I hope your plans to roam in a narrowboat go well - at least the waterways should now have enough water to support you! I also hope the embracing of Quakerism goes well - though I couldn't be doing with all that religious stuff myself. Bob

Not Today!

Not quite an original "Star Trek" title, ergo Shakespeare. But it'll do. All Our Yesterdays (w/ librarian Mr. Atoz) Return To Tomorrow (3 disembodied minds) Tomorrow is Yesterday (time travel - NASA) Remember Shakespeare's futuristic "Kling and Sarek 2310?" Just kidding. I think only one of those titles is from Shakespeare writings.