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Nick Harper takes on Everest

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Nick has started his trip to Everest Base Camp as part of the LoveHopeStrength foundations "Everest Rocks" project. See for daily updates on the project. More media coverage should appear as the trip progresses.

Nick appeared on the BBC "Points West" programme recently in a very nice little segment about his trip to Everest, which has just started. Click the "read more" link to see the footage.

The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 2

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71:16 minutes (48.94 MB)
Welcome to the second Roy Harper podcast. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at
Shownotes are available at my blog.
If you want to subscribe to the podcast, there is a feed.

Server upgrade complete

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The server has been upgraded successfully this evening. The site should load a lot faster than before and support more simultaneous users. Please let me know of any anomolies. Thanks, Paul.

The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 1

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46:32 minutes (31.98 MB)
This is the first of what I hope will be many monthly Roy Harper podcasts. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at If you want to subscribe to the podcast, there is a feed.

Stormcock reissue news

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I heard that Stormcock was to be reissued when I was in Clonakilty earlier this year, and I've been trying to find out more about it. Here are a few snippets to whet your appetite.

The disc will come in new packaging that will include a 20-page book as part of the case. It includes some new photos (very good ones at that) along with a new poem relating to each song and some other writings. I have seen a preview of this and it does the album justice, no doubt about it. It's going to be perfect to browse and muse upon while listening to the album. I've always said that Stormcock represents the purest distillation of Roy's art, and the new written material complements it very well.

The disc itself has been remastered. To quote the man himself, "Certain lines and certain words will not chop your ears off at high volume any more.. Bottom end is taken care of properly.. and there are one or two secrets. You may eventually spot them. It won't matter much to the general public that much, but it sure does matter to me.

The disc is now available from the Roy Harper shop and a full review can be found elsewhere on this site.

The BBC Tapes reissued, September 2007

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The 6-CD "BBC Tapes" collection has been re-issued with new artwork. I think that some of these recordings have been out of print for a while. If you're not familiar with them, they are all taken from various BBC sessions and concerts over the years and cover a range of material from early pieces (including a great live "Hells Angels") through full band material from "HQ" to some great duo stuff with Andy Roberts. Most of the material is of studio quality though there are a few tracks taken "off air" with the subsequent radio artifacts you'd expect.

It's a very satisfying set, and one that I rediscovered lately having not listened to any of it for a couple of years.

You can order it directly from Roy's web site and get the full set for £45, though you can also buy the individual CDs for £9 each. If you do the maths you'll see it makes sense to go for the set.

Roy to play at the Albert Hall

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The Good News: Roy has been invited by Joanna Newson to perform a 45 minute set to support her show at the Albert Hall (London) on September 28th.

The Bad News: It's already sold out. for the direct info, and to find out more about Joanna.

Site updated

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Hello, as you will notice I've done some updates to the site:

  • I'm trying out a new visual theme that's a little less bland than the previous one
  • I've upgraded the site framework software to Drupal 5.2 for some bug and security fixes
  • I've installed a brand new forum. You can reach it from either the forum link on the orange bar at the top or the "View the Forum" link on the left under "Forum Activity". I was unable to transfer across all the old forum posts, but they still exist at I think the new forum is a big step forward. It is meant to synchronise with your main site account so you shouldn't need to create a seperate forum account.

Please let me know of any problems.

NB: You may need to Log out then back into the site to make your account work with the new forums.

Would you buy direct-from-the-artist mixing desk recordings of the Clonakilty gigs, and if so, how much would you pay per-gig?

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Not interested
0% (0 votes)
Yes, up to £5
10% (4 votes)
Yes, up to £10
15% (6 votes)
Yes, up to £15
37% (15 votes)
Yes, up to £20
17% (7 votes)
Yes, up to £30
10% (4 votes)
Yes, up to £50
12% (5 votes)
Total votes: 41

Clonakilty 2007 is over!

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Hi All,

We got back home last night from a wonderful week in Ireland. Thursday was "the last gig" as Roy put it. Only one word for it really: spellbinding. Again I didn't make out a complete set list but it included:

Sophisticated Beggar, Short and Sweet, Man in the Moon, Pan, Candide, Hors D'Oeuvres, Same Old Rock, One Man Rock'n'Roll Band, Me and My Woman, Don't you Grieve, 12 Hours of Sunset

The Stormcock suite was just bliss. I still believe this was the pinnacle of Roy's lyrical and musical endeavours; that sounds a bit off given the incredible body of work that followed it, and I certainly would never want to be without most of the following albums, but those four songs are 40 or so minutes of perfection and it was glorious to hear them live.

From talking to Roy later I found that he had in fact tuned his guitars up a couple of frets from the usual place, and was determined to give the gig his all, since it was the last (for a while if not for ever). Well, it paid off - standing ovations, smiling faces, and sad faces (both at the same time) all showed that.

I'd just like to state for the record that I would be happy to buy a raw unmixed soundboard copy of this gig from Roy/Tracy should they decide to make this available, at practically any price... The petition starts here! Actually in all seriousness I am interested to see how many people would be interested in that sort of raw concert recording made available officially; I'm putting a poll up on for fun. I have no idea whether this is planned or even possible, I just keep thinking how I'd love to see it happen.

I have uploaded a bucketload of photos to flickr.

I met a lot of wonderful people in the last week; many I already knew, but many became friends for the first time. Let's hope we get the chance to do this again sometime.



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