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  1. Colinstobbs
    One new sling
  2. spiderdlb
    This is now and that was then!
  3. Raven
    Raven aspwatterson
  4. Utopian
    ...running alongside myself
  5. aspwatterson
    Everything is everything because everything is...
  6. pavlov's cat
  7. robbnot
    just getting my daily roy blast on me headphones
  8. spiderdlb
    "This is then and that was now"
  9. aspwatterson
    Looking forward to Eire as long as u ok mate?
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  17. bigchris
    bigchris pd
    Hi Paul - when you get the chance, can you remove that notice about the cancelled gigs from the forum ... as its annoying me !?! Cheers, Chris.
  18. Joao Nunnes
    Joao Nunnes pete c
    Hi Pete,
    You say you've seen Roy playing 1948ish. Besides the fact that it is in standard tuning, did you notice any strange chord shapes, like chords that are just the low strings barred? I also believe it's standard tuning but I'm tempted to drop down the 6th string.
  19. SHAUN I
    SHAUN I dave owen
    Hi Dave, great news indeed, is the picture you uploaded the correct size mate? Oh and keep me informed of the birthday celebrations and gig in August, let me know how uch a ticket will be..
  20. deception26
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