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An intro, an offer and some "newbie" questions - from a fan of Glastonbury 1982

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rocketmancs, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. rocketmancs

    rocketmancs I've got a zappy little nappy

    Hello Harper fans,

    Just introducing myself, as I'm new to Stormcock.

    An intro:
    I've been enjoying Roy's music since I (entirely by accident!) taped his Glastonbury 1982 performance late one night on ITV. What great serendipity I've always felt it was - to have discovered this performance and this artist in this way. Ha ha. Funny world. Makes me wonder what/who I've missed though ...

    An offer:
    As part of my subsequent backfilling of Roy's catalogue I recently bought from Science Friction all six volumes of the re-issued BBC Archives CDs and now have a spare copy of Volume 1 (original release) to offer up free to the list. First come, first served. mail me offlist with your postal address and I'll get in touch with just the recipient and dispatch it to her/him. No trade, no blanks, just a freebie to clear some duplicated space.

    Some "newbie questions":
    Getting back that 1982 Glasto perfomance brings me to some of my queries;
    I recall reading some disparaging remark from Roy concerning the quality of this broadcast (can't remember whether he disliked the performance or rather the quality of the audio mix/production), but I've always loved it! I still have the VHS of it and pray that the tape does not give up on me. In more recent times I have aquired the hardware and software resources to transfer this to a digital archival format of one shape or another but have simply never got around to it ... time, time ....
    Has this ever been done for the purposes of fan "viewing/sharing" does anyone know?
    Similary I'd be interested to know if the "Live In Your Living Room" or "Once Live" vids have ever been preserved digitally for the free sharing & viewing pleasure of fans. Hope this isn't a no-no to mention on the forum. HUGE apologies if so ....

    I love the eccentric performance of Casualty on that Glasto 82 show and was surprised when I subsequently aquired a copy of Loony on the Bus to hear only two verses on the studio version. I presume that the " ... world recession's up my ar#e .." was an extra live-only verse? Really Roy, really ... The Harper HQ site tells me that this particular live version got released on a 7 inch b-side, but I've never heard it. Did the extra verse make this release??
    And I've always wondered what it was that Roy was responding to just prior to the start of "Poor Man"?
    ".... oh, hardly ..", he says. At least I'm sure that's what it sounds like.
    But what was it that preceded/prompted this remark? Anyone out there know??

    I would love to hear/read any comments or observations from any fellow-fans of this particular performance and broadcast, as it's one that I've enjoyed time and again over the years.

    All the best for now,

    Carl S.
  2. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Casualty of casualties

    Now there's a good topic for debate! Roy's worst songs!

    Hells Angels
    Being sick at the end of I'm really stoned

    N'est ce pas?

  3. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Roy's worst songs [cont...]


  4. pete c

    pete c I've got a zappy little nappy

    I'm pretty sure I've got that Glasto performance on DVD. So someone (not me) must have digitised it at some point.
  5. LAdrain

    LAdrain I've got a zappy little nappy

    It was a vine at one point.
  6. rocketmancs

    rocketmancs I've got a zappy little nappy

    Quote: Originally Posted by pete c
    I'm pretty sure I've got that Glasto performance on DVD. So someone (not me) must have digitised it at some point.


    Thanks to those who posted about this.
    I'd be eternally grateful if someone who has and would be willing to make and send me a copy (I'm in The Netherlands) of Roy at Glasto 82 on DVD could contact me offlist. I don't have any Roy to trade; plenty of Neil Young audio and video though and some Floyd.

    I would be willing to re-offer a couple of free copies of the Roy Glasto performance back to forum members in order to , er, spread the joy of Roy.

    Cheers Roy fans and a fine weekend to all,

    Carl S.
  7. LAdrain

    LAdrain I've got a zappy little nappy

  8. Dr_Doom_The_Optimist

    Dr_Doom_The_Optimist In a beautiful rambling mess

    One of his worst songs? You're mad! What about the double whammy of crapness that is 'In The Time Of Water'/'Composer Of Life' ?

    Oh, and Hello Carl.
  9. fickle_Witch

    fickle_Witch Guest

    i thought the very same this morning! racking my brian to try and find a song of roys that i didnt like, i just have less time for this offering ;)

    amor mundi

    hatty :)
  10. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    All I can say about this is, poor Brian... :D
  11. rocketmancs

    rocketmancs I've got a zappy little nappy

    Thanks to those who posted

    Thanks to those who posted in reply to my intro and queries.

    I was actually after any reminiscences (spelling?) re the Glasto 82 performance overall, rather than aiming to start a "Roy's worst" thread .... anyway, thanks to "LAdrian" for the heads-up on the vines list. Will register and see what's up for grabs there. Looking forward to it!

    And the freebie BBC Archives Vol.1 got taken btw.

    See you around the forum!

    Carl S.
  12. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Dear Rockethead

    Also join the Mistlethrush email exchange if you want direct action from the horses you canna lead to slaughter! The consensus on their is that Methane Zone is one of de worst I think?

  13. arthurprecarious

    arthurprecarious I've got a zappy little nappy

    Live in Your Living Room is on You Tube!!
  14. philmch

    philmch I've got a zappy little nappy

    Sexy Woman ?
    I'm In Love With You ?
    Come Up And See Me ?

    All dreadful.

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