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Firefox 3 browser

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by pd, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    I put a banner on the front page about the Firefox attempt to get into the Guinness book of records next week, on June 17th, when they launch version 3 of their fantastic web browser.

    I've been using firefox for years. It's faster, much more secure, and more standards-compliant than Internet Exploder and any Windows user will find their whole Internet experience improved greatly by using Firefox along with some select add-ons, the most useful being Adblock Plus, which strips out adverts from web pages, along with Adblock Filterset.G Updater, which provides periodic updated configuration for Adblock so it knows about the adverts.

    Please, please, take my advice and download it on June 17th and try it out. If you don't like it all you have to do is uninstall it. It's the best demonstration of how freely, open source collaborative software projects can really change things.


  2. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    Well, the idiots running the world record attempt are in the US West Coast and seem to think that June 17th starts at 10am PST, which is 6pm here. Daft lot. Anyway it'll be available for download a bit later on today.
  3. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    I have now installed it on both Windows and the Mac, and it is very zippy indeed. The one drawback for me is that the google browser sync add-on that I used to use (to keep bookmarks synchronised across multiple computers) is no longer being developed and doesn't work with FF3, so I've had to move on to Foxmarks (http://www.foxmarks.com).

    Anyway, http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox?p=downloadday is the place to go.
  4. critch

    critch Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    Downloaded and installed - and surprisingly, it does seem faster to use! Full marks to firefox. Now everyone else go and get it!
  5. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    In an occasional "I told you so" series,
    More at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7784908.stm
  6. critch

    critch Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    Typical! I religiously used it but just recently I got a new computer and hadn't got around to installing Firefox yet. I think I'd probably best do that now then!

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