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Greetings From Ben Naga

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ben Naga, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Ben Naga

    Ben Naga Guest

    So... a couple of brush strokes that might allow you to form an impression somewhere in the vicinity of what I'd accept as not too inaccurate. Left school in 1967 (Hertfordshire), already "under the influence" of the youthful Mr Harper. So date back to the free concerts in Hyde Park era and "McGoohan's Blues" under a blazing summer sky. Back in those days I neatly divided people between those who know "what on earth there is to know" and the rest. It's not quite as clearcut these days (he lied glibly), but old perceptions die hard.

    Since then lived in Lancashire, briefly in France, on Merseyside, in India for 6 months, in Central Scotland, in Berkshire (right, that's definitely it for the South of England this time round), in North Yorkshire, and currently West Cumbria. Each of those locations holds important RH memories somewhere (think: soundtrack to your life) and I managed to actually get to the odd concert from most of them.

    Music can put up a strong case for being a major interest of mine - probably veering towards the addictive/obsessional if we're honest. The serious competitors would probably be writing, hanging out in "the blind silly season (that) occurs when our reasoning is trying to fathom a reason" and laughing a good deal, frequently at things other people might question the appropriateness of.

    As I have put on record elsewhere, I hold that

    “Logic is a tool
    Not a home address”

    so for the rest of this introduction I'll lean on a song I wrote for a friend of mine and his band a while back. When he performed it for me I had one of those "did I really write that?" moments along with the humbling thought that it was almost something Roy might have written. Of course I reckon it's the Muse that write everything anyway, not the person who happens to have a pen in their hand (or more likely a keyboard beneath their fingers these days). So maybe she was playing away that day...

  2. Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs Ride away in style

    Welcome to the good ship Stormcock

    Welcome aboard Ben. I guess you must be one of our most senior members:)

    I enjoyed your introduction and song lyrics. A definite touch of the Roys there :)

    I currently live in Berkshire. It can't match up to Cumbria for natural beauty but it does have its charms. Glad I don't live in the urban east of the county though..


    np Norwegian Wood by Circus
  3. Ben Naga

    Ben Naga Guest

    It was Maidenhead where we lived. The countryside was fine; we were out at the edge and two minutes into the fields over to Cookham. Happy days. I think my reference to having had enough of the South was mostly to do with the cultural differences North/South. Born at St Mary's Paddington and it has to be said a bit partisan when I first moved up North, returning to Berkshire just showed me I'd been hopelessly corrupted. It seemed as if so many pubs and people were trying to create the right image stead of just being themselves. There's some of that up here too of couse, but people aren't so good at it. :wink: Although being able to access big spaces without too much evidence of them being parcelled up and "belonging" to somebody is another thing I really love about the North. (And some of my best friends are Southerners. :) )
  4. Linda

    Linda Computer stained fingers

    Love the lyrics to Driven Ben - do you have the music to go with it please?......... but Bob says "Welcome aboard Ben, you must be one of our most senior members"?
    oo err - I left school in 1967 too. Does that make me senior as well? I don't feel it...lol
  5. Ben Naga

    Ben Naga Guest

    While the "Driven" lyric is mine, I didn't have a hand in the melody - or indeed the audio version you can access here, performed by the band I wrote it for. I might have done it a bit differently?

    They do a video of another of my songs here. I hope you enjoy them and if you're moved to offer feedback or whatever...

    So, what about you? Other musical interests (I'm taking one or more of the Harpers as a given)?
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  6. Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs Ride away in style

    I was still in short trousers in '67 - one of the last boys in my form to graduate to long trousers :-( Anyone who left school in '67 is senior to me :) But I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now ...
  7. Ben Naga

    Ben Naga Guest

    Actually I can honestly say that life seems better at present than it ever has, and looks set for further improvement. Do I detect at least a passing knowledge of Bob Dylan? That being the case, here's something that might amuse (depending on your general reaction to puns).
  8. Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs Ride away in style

    Nice one :)


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