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Harper Rarities for sale...amazing

Discussion in 'General' started by stuart langford, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. stuart langford

    stuart langford I've got a zappy little nappy

    Roy Harper memorabilia for sale…
    …offers invited for each item by email only to stuartlangford@hotmail.com

    Hors D’Oeuvres magazines

    Issue 12 Feb 1988
    Contents include:
    Norway tour of 1975
    Descendants of Smith article with influences and excerpts of lyrics for the songs
    Article on Leonard Cohen
    Interview with Roy from 1987
    Back cover: photo of Roy and Jackie taken by Darren Crisp

    Issue 20 Summer 1991
    Contents include:
    Harper singles file
    Interview with Chris Kirk from Melody Maker
    Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith, 24 years on.
    The Gospel according to Roy Harper from 1976
    Roy talks to Arthur Wood about Once
    Article about Stanley Matthews plus the lyrics to ‘Stan’
    Back cover: Advert for Lifemask album and tour dates.

    Issue 25 1994
    Contents include:
    Flat Baroque and Berserk ltd. edition CD review
    Gig News
    Radio sessions update
    Press Release ‘Harper takes on the record industry’
    Nick Harper’s debut CD release
    Nick at Chester Gateway theatre plus interview
    Picture of Roy in an early CBS advert with Nick, at two years old!
    Back cover: lovely pic of Roy by Julie Angel

    Magazine cutting from unknown publication headed Roy Harper Death or Glory
    and with the notorious ‘eligible man available’ ad Roy placed looking for a woman to replace Jackie! Includes, for example, ‘fit-ish, needs to exercise his laugh a bit more than of recent…’

    Acoustic Music magazine No.28 July 1980

    Extended nine-sided article about Roy…includes lyrics, interview, history, pictures with Dave Gilmour, lyrics from ‘One of those days in England’, Old Cricketer, and an advert for the re-released Bullinamingvase with ‘Breakfast with you’ on it replacing Watford Gap.

    Flyer, A5 perfect condition

    Green Man tour 2001, special guest Nick Harper
    Dates in September and October

    Flyer A4

    “His concerts last an evening-his albums last a lifetime’
    Roy Harper and Black Sheep…advertised the Harvest albums including Commercial Break SHSP4077

    Newspaper Cutting, maybe from Melody Maker

    About Roy’s blood disorder illness (sheep-related) and how he’s about to go on the road with Black Sheep, around 1976. Refers to his other band Chips too.

    Single issued with Bullinamingvase LP on Harvest label

    February 1977 Referendum and Another Day (live version) one side, Tom Tiddlers ground on the other side. Mint. Never been played. Very Rare!!

    Programme for the 1977 Bullinamingvase tour, bought at Birmingham Town Hall

    Ten pages, stapled A4 Good condition, lyrics for Commune, advert for Gibson Guitars, includes list of Black Sheep band, including Henry McCullough, John Halsey et al. Back cover ad for Brutus Gold jeans…the programme has a lovely front cover pic of Roy holding a black lamb. Very rare memorabilia item from the 1970s.

    “Born in Captivity” LP…1984, rare, mint, original pressing on ‘Hardup 1’ NOT Awareness label…this IS the rare version of this album. The Awareness pressing is described as rare on Ebay but it simply isn’t!

    Original played once only LP privately pressed 800 copies or so only…red label.
    Tracks as published, Side 2 lists Elizabeth and No-one ever gets out alive…perfect condition. Bought at a gig we think, but we can’t remember where…Newcastle?
  2. stuart langford

    stuart langford I've got a zappy little nappy

    acoustic music mag now sold...

    acoustic music mag now sold...
  3. SteveT

    SteveT Gracing the Bahamas in see through pyjamas

    I see that an original Sophistcated Beggar just sold on eBay for 511 quid.

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