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Hello Earthlings

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SpecialX, May 29, 2008.

  1. SpecialX

    SpecialX I've got a zappy little nappy

    I've been into Roy since watching Made in about 1979. Can't get into much other music for long but I do like Arlo Gutherie. I always drift back to Roy.
    I'm 45 now and a short (not bald) haired hippy would enjoy chatting about Roy especially with any lost female fans that I could get on a wave length with as my current partner hates him.:wink::biggrin:
  2. Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs Ride away in style

    Hmm, short-haired hippy sounds like a contradiction in terms but I guess I might count as one as well! I was a bit late to be a true hippy but did the best I could in the mid-70s. I'm now a scruffy accountant :-( Other halves do seem to have an aversion to Roy, unless met in Roy Appreciation Society circles. I remember a girlfriend who was left unmoved by Hallucinating Light <shock, horror>! The current SWMBO enjoyed seeing Roy at the 100 Club and finds his quiet stuff more palatable then most of my noisy music but would rather do without him, I think...

    Welcome aboard, anyway, and don't forget to look out some Nick Harper CDs and events.

  3. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    Hi SpecialX, welcome to the site! I probably count as a balding one-time hippie, I think you're in good company....
  4. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    Can anyone in their 40s really be called a "hippy"?

    Or should that be "hippie"?

    Now, as someone who was alive in 67 and 68, let me tell you young whipper-snappers, aye lad, when I were a lad ... "and bla bla bla"

    Just a thought.



    PS A small prize in the form of my ultimate respect for recognising the quotation at the end of the above ramble.
  5. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    However ...

    ... not, in the least, wishing to be thought both rude AND grumpy, let me add another word of welcome to SpecialX.

    Rock on.
  6. wessexy witch

    wessexy witch I've got a zappy little nappy

    Hullo !
  7. madness

    madness I've got a zappy little nappy

    I think this album is sophisticated beggar i have just been to my Roy cd collection and they are not in thier cases, otherwise i would have played some but one must not do that when one is living in surrey. HAPPY SOLTICE EVERYONE :)
  8. madness

    madness I've got a zappy little nappy


    Could you please tell me what swmbo stands for ??
  9. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers


    At a guess, "She Who Must Be Obeyed".


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