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Discussion in 'Words and Music' started by Barry, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Barry

    Barry Computer stained fingers

    recently revisited some stuff Roy did in the dark days that were the 80's.
    What an amazing album Jugula is, not only the guitar sound that he and Jimmy Page produce but how good his voice sounds, so full of expression.
  2. Travellerman

    Travellerman Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    Possibly my favourite, and the first I bought. I do think it's absolutely one of his best, it's a very rewarding listen.
  3. Wee Steve

    Wee Steve Computer stained fingers

    I've said, many times, I don't like parts of it, but "Hope", in particular, is way up there with the very, very best.
  4. Travellerman

    Travellerman Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    I'd say it was a pretty good ride right the way through.... errr, but then the last track depends upon my mood :D
  5. rainlater

    rainlater I've got a zappy little nappy

    Blimey, I've just realised that I haven't listened to this for over 2 years! Right it's on the ipod later...
  6. Shane

    Shane Computer stained fingers

    i love it too, one of my favorites. he seemed to develop a bit of a snarl in his voice in the 80s that i like. in general i think the guitar sound is quite crap but for some reason i like it all the same. i particularly like the playing on 20th century man.
  7. NoCelebrity

    NoCelebrity Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    Jugula can NOT be Overrated!

    Mike Farrell (BJ Hunnicut on TV M*A*S*H) spoke recently on Chicago Tonight (ch.11-PBS) and also talked about his opposition to the DEATH penalty.

    Of course, I emailed him about Roy's "Hangman." He thanked me politely and forwarded my email to someone else.

    The vocals on this song and what I have called the "perfect" lyrics are enough to make looking for Roy online after DECADES of losing track in the U.S. worthwhile. Instead, I found 20 (or so) new albums with dozens of amazing songs! My favorite to sing along with at the high end of my voice (a couple notes near the end where I just screech!), and I'm still practicing my version on guitar.

    Jimmy's guitar cries accents in a beautiful, perfect and understated way!

    What a TEAM!

    There is no excuse in Radio, TV, or Film for not recognizing this masterpiece for a quarter of a century.

    I also love other songs on this album, and 1984's "...full of cops and bureaucrats with bouquets of final demands..." makes me laugh! (In a dark sort of way...)

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