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Muses on music in the year 2011

Discussion in 'Words and Music' started by James, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. James

    James I've got a zappy little nappy

    2010 through early 2013 I didn't buy or download much music so I have been trying to get caught up.

    It was actually this last summer that I decided to get caught up and then few a months later Roy's album came out so I guess It was good timing.

    Every once in a while an album comes out that is so good I almost feel sad because I have no Idea when another album this good will come out again. I don't mean this in a depressive it's more of a bittersweet feeling to cherish that moment of discovery. It's kind of like when I am half way through a movie and I suddenly realize this is the best movie I have seen all year and I have to wait to God knows when another movie this good comes out again. Watching a movie the second time is usually not as good because the ending is spoiled. I end up leaving the theater satisfied and reflecting what I just watched but little sad because its like I just took a drug and it just wore off so I want to get high again from another movie. When I think about it listening to music is similar to taking drugs that said I may be an addict addicted to music. People take drugs to escape, relax and it has been said it is a disease of the emotions. If you become outraged would you want to listen to some beautiful love song hell no, how about some heavy revenge metal. I usually listen to about one or two grumpy songs followed by some meditative music when I had bad day and remind myself it's not worth drinking over because I need my agile mind and too much drinking shatters my nerves the next day. I have a whole musical library of music on my computer perhaps I should organize it by the drug it imitates, never mind.

    Ok I have gone a little of topic with my rambling and so far what I wrote is half-baked. I can't finish it now because I got shit to do but what the heck I will just post it anyway and finish it later with another reply.

    With no more qwerty ado I will stop chopping on my keyboard....



    OK just kidding

    I am always terrible at finishing stuff which includes this post obviously. Anyway later on I will give my thoughts on some good albums that were released in 2011 and maybe some of you can feel me in on some that I missed.

    Before I leave I want to leave you with some Highlights of 2011

    Roy Harper Releases Songs of Love and Lost

    The Green Man live 2011 nice finger picking Roy!

    Jonathan Wilson releases his debut album. Strange how I love Wislon's "New Mexico" song so much

    And last an artist you may not know Alexi Murdoch performing a song from his 2011 album towards the sun

    Bye for now
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  2. spiderdlb

    spiderdlb a choice with no voice

    Dear James,
    When you get to 2012, try a bit of Kieran Leonard (not to be confused with Kiran Leonard!):

    - from Out of Work Astronaut (2012)
    I missed it, too, until I saw him supporting Jonathan Wilson in Norwich last December.
    Best wishes,
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  3. James

    James I've got a zappy little nappy

    I don't know how to edit the title but I would like to change it to 2011-2013.

    There is so much I want to write right now but I just can't for time reasons.

    I think it's rather myopic for me to remain with the same list of favorite musicians and not explore some new debut albums.

    Anyway onwards to 2012

    A very unique album that I like is "Storm Corrosion". Some may find it boring but keep in mind I am a fan of Harold Budd so you shouldn't be a surprise. If you are fan of Brian Eno's album “Music for Airports” then you will like his 2012 album “Lux”

    Not my favorite track but it has a nice video

    Thanks for the Kieran Lenard video. I also thought it might be worth mentioning that I am a Jonathan Wilson fan. I discovered Wilson through Harper But I am somewhat of an untraditional Roy Harper fan from my age. I think more people discovered Roy Harper through Jonathan Wilson then vise versa but I could be wrong Wilson and Harper have about the same amount of facebook likes. The average age for likes on Roy Harper's facebook is 45-54 and I am 33 https://www.facebook.com/harperroy/likes

    The Average for like's on Jonathan Wilson's facebook is 25-34 https://www.facebook.com/songsofjw/likes

    Facebook likes may not be the best indicator but a fun little way to look at trends and shifts.
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