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Nick at The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle 21 May 2016

Discussion in 'On Tour' started by Watcher, May 22, 2016.

  1. Watcher

    Watcher Computer stained fingers

    My son and I went to the gig at the Cumberland Arms last night – it was the first time we'd been to this venue – Nick usually plays the Cluny which is just down the road. It's a small free house with a microbrewery in a 30 foot container just outside the pub – unfortunately I couldn't sample its wares as I was driving and my son only drinks cider so I can't comment on the quality.

    The venue was upstairs in a very small room which quickly became very crowded, with the audience conversation rapidly rising to ear splitting levels, so it was quite a relief when Nick took to the stage. He then treated us to a virtuoso performance of manual dexterity which led to me whispering to my son “Show off”. A slight lull in his playing and someone offered “Now you're just showing off!” (great minds) to which Nick replied “I'm just desperately trying to loosen this finger”. He continued and segued into 'In Our Time' followed by 'The Verse Time Forgot'. After this he heard some say something and asked “What was that?”. “I'm going for a pee” the guy said, to a wry look from Nick. When he was out of the door Nick said “Should we all go out of the back door” and proceeded to lead us onto the grass outside where he played 'The Galaxy Song” to everyone's great amusement. When we went back in he said to the guy “You got back before we were all out, didn't you” to which he replied “But it was weirder like that”.

    Back to the indoor gig and a fantastic rendition of 'Breathe' followed by one of my favourites of his recent work, 'Juicy Fruit Girl'. He told his usual story before 'This Is The Beginning', remarking that it's now part of the lyrics. Next was a storming version of 'Simple' and then 'Treasure Island'.

    Nick then told us the story of how he started doing 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' at a festival, and a lady in the audience shouted 'I was there!'. He downplayed his performance to which she said “Get away, you were note perfect!”. She also complimented him on his pronunciation of “Shite” and told him “You can come back” to which he replied “That was the idea”.

    He continued with faultless performances of 'Field Of The Cloth Of Gold', 'She Rules My World', a personal favourite 'Karmageddon', and 'Love Junky' before asking for requests. Someone asked for Public Enemy so it was into 'Building Our Own Temple', another of my favourites, with a dose of Don't Believe The Hype' in the middle.

    More requests were made but Nick had a plan, a song he'd been working on for the past few weeks! There followed a beautiful rendition of 'Purple Rain' to rapturous applause. To be honest the song has never been one I've liked, but Nick transformed it into a wonderful tribute to a well loved artist.

    A final shout out for 'Love Song' which Nick agreed would be a fitting end and that was the lot. Another stunning set by the world's greatest guitarist and live performer. Roll on Hartlepool in three weeks time!

    Set list

    In Our Time
    The Verse Time Forgot
    Galaxy Song
    Juicy Fruit Girl
    This Is The Beginning
    Treasure Island
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond.
    Field Of The Cloth Of Gold
    She Rules My World
    Love Junky
    Building Our Own Temple/Don't Believe The Hype


    Purple Rain
    Blood Song

  2. JonnieB

    JonnieB Computer stained fingers

    Aargh, I'd fully intended going on Saturday but ended up not being able to - sounds like a cracking night. In recent years Nick's gigs in Newcastle have always clashed with something else so I keep missing them. I think the last time I saw him would have been at Whitley Bay Dome, heaven knows how long ago that was!

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