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Nick at The Fisherman's Arms, Hartlepool Friday 9 December 2016

Discussion in 'On Tour' started by Watcher, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Watcher

    Watcher Computer stained fingers

    Sorry this is so late - I just never got round to doing anything about it at the time. There were three fine support acts, one of whom was Pete Greenwood, a singer/songwriter and excellent guitarist, plus a lady whose name I've forgotten but who I saw supporting Nick earlier this year at The Studio and a blues guitarist from Barnsley I think with a nice line in patter. Then the main event and of course Nick gave his usual outstanding performance. A nice intimate gig, Nick had a bit of trouble with his throat but that didn't stop him giving an amazing performance of Breathe - no holding back, he gave it everything and probably suffered for it later! Unfortunately I've forgotten all of the little touches that make a review interesting, so this is mainly to record the set list, which was as follows.

    In our time
    The verse that time forgot
    Vampire song
    She rules my world
    Shine on you crazy diamond
    Sleeper cell
    Song of madness
    Glittering eye/The Kilty Stone
    Radio silence
    Purple rain

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