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Nick Harper Youtube testing..

Discussion in 'Live Recordings' started by aspwatterson, May 19, 2009.

  1. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    What has been annoying me is that "l's" looks like "l's" on urls and could be I's,l's,1's. It looks alright when I type it in here but not on address bars. Similarly with "O's" and "0's" and "o's" etc... I know you're going to say copy and paste into notepads etc. but still finding my weary way through the cyber jungle. See if this works anyway :


  2. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    Copy and paste into notepads etc .... :D

    Personally I tend to have multiple browsers open (tabs in the case of firefox) and just copy direct from the URL bar of the youtube window into the forum post.
  3. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Well I'll have to wrap my head around that..

    Is it possible to have a direct subscribe to Stormcock via my Youtube or have you negated that option to protect infiltration from 'nasty' sites? Not ever-intentionally being nasty BTW. And what is a RSS syndy thingy? Is that the same thing or News channels updates? Must explore Firefox a bit more as still in the old Window MS stuffy in addition to FF; but extemely nervous about losing everything*, if I make the transgression. How much would you charge commercially for a bit of computer counselling education if I brought my hardware around one sunny funny day? You could even YT my craziness for a laugh.


    * When MS changed Hotmail to a Live upversion recently the whole sys went haywire for at least 48 hours and you thought I was signing in with multiple ID's. Still Les's preamble address to Mistlethrush 'Stormyfraternalians' is there which was him, and it somehow picked it up whilst I was corresponding with him whilst they were doing the upgrade! That makes me double nervous about going over to FF totally and I lose contacts, favs, archives everyting! At least I know you have all the archive data stored in a fireproof safe somewhere hidden under a bush traceable as an epitaph GPS afterlaugh at us all!
    Last edited: May 19, 2009
  4. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    I don't know what you mean...
    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_(file_format)
    Basically it's a way to use an application or a web site such as "google reader" which periodically checks your RSS feeds for you and notifies you when new content has been posted. The idea is to prevent you from having to manually visit tons of web sites every day to see what's new, but rather to present all the new stuff to you in one easy package. Some RSS readers try to make the presentation "newspaper style" which is a nice way to poll all your preferred news sites and accumulate all the info for you.

    Podcasts are also distributed by RSS. When people are subscribed via iTunes, that application is polling my podcast RSS feed in the background from time to time and that's how it knows when new episodes are available and where to get them from.
    Sorry, I don't do that sort of thing... dealing with end users is much more trouble than its worth in the long run and I deal mainly with writing software for other companies. I have enough trouble fending off various family members who manage to break their computers every so often :)
  5. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier


    It's prob a YT Peer to Peer thingy; for instance I can subscribe to Andyroberts Youtube, Harperfan Youtube and Heronymusic Youtube as a direct link subscription, and them, to me.

    Thanks for clearing up the other matter, I was prob getting confused between subscriptions and syndications coz they both begin with and end with the same letters?


    PD/ Surely you have now the tchnlgy 2 embed YT [or others] vids into yr PODS or when you reach Z?.......they then could become VidPods? Subscribers these days do definitely like videos and almost expect them. RH might be amenable to do a Vidpod if you speak to TH nicely in his pondweed garden? As long as he doesn't still think he's a brokenback lesbian?
    Last edited: May 20, 2009
  6. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    NH YT testing..[cont...]


  7. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    RH YT testing


  8. SHAUN I

    SHAUN I It's so clear on the wings of the dawn

    The Flycatcher, Live 2001
    Roy & Nick Harper, Royal Festival Hall, London 2001 :sifone:

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  9. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

  10. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Real life clip


  11. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Nh yt +


    There's another five vids for afters.

    Last edited: May 14, 2010
  12. scotpaulabear

    scotpaulabear Halfway up my own guitar, propping up another bar

    Dunno if this has been posted yet but it's a cool animated video for Simple - normally I'm not a huge fan for videos that take lyrics literally but in this case I think that's the point and it's fun :biggrin:

  13. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier



  14. Uriel

    Uriel I've got a zappy little nappy

    Looks like someone put up a higher quality Bloom recording:

  15. scotpaulabear

    scotpaulabear Halfway up my own guitar, propping up another bar

    How cool - thanks Uriel :biggrin:
  16. Uriel

    Uriel I've got a zappy little nappy

    Nick again - with Roy. Or is it the other way round?...

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