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Nick @ O2 Academy, Oxford - 3 Dec 2011 [RESCHEDULED FROM MAY]

Discussion in 'On Tour' started by HarperPR, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Last edited: Jun 3, 2011
  2. bigchris

    bigchris Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    does anyone know the timings for this gig ?

    i.e. is it one of those that finishes at 10:00 so that they can turn the venue into a club ? personally I was hoping it was, so like last time we can get back to Wycombe for last orders ( & lock-in to 2:00am ) .... but just looked on the website and it looks like there are 3 support acts ?!?

    So, if doors open at 7:00 and close at 10:00 and 4 acts; then Nick can't be on for that long - and am wondering if I can be bothered to go !?

    Ah just looked at Linn's original post and she mentions one support act, so not sure if its me who is reading their website wrong - perhaps they have multiple stages and thus multiple acts on that night .... or perhaps I am right and they are taking the michael ?!?

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2011
  3. bigchris

    bigchris Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    Ah it seems like a day of me replying to my own threads ... just found out that Nick does have the one support act and Nick's gig will finish at 10:00pm and then the other 3 acts are on at 10:30pm
  4. scotpaulabear

    scotpaulabear Halfway up my own guitar, propping up another bar

    So they're the non-headliners? :wink: Simon Batten is the one whose name I keep seeing so he must be on before...

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