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please enjoy this its truly hopeful

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by fatfreddyscat, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. i,d like to think you should all get the chance to see this.

    part two

    yes pete easy..this one if its okay. below. cheers. really glad your still out there, even if its shallow pastimes at the moment.......**** em.....get hold of some harper and spike them next chance you get, the east must prevail. must! and it will. glad your ma is coming out, thats great news, enjoy!!! im still in hungary sleepin in the snow, i love the winter, i love the amazing technicoloured skies. and the adversity. im reading a lot but no chess sadly of late. hey if you ever get really stuck, please give us a shout. im usually flushish about once a month at the very beginning ...ok be joyful and kind and yes man definitely go to varanasi...veeerry strange and holy place. check out this cat for me, a very good man, look after him, he's safe as they come. but be warned he's a real grafter!! im absolutely certain of his integrity though. an i liked him too..i think he's your age maybe 26 i dunno.... actually hang on 1986..how old is he tig? answers on a postcard im a poet not carol vorderman. happy travels capricorn. love tig. foto of himself below!!!!ta

    the vote..as usual!!! madman!!!!
    Between Pete O'Donoghue and You
    3:09am November 26th
    actually that foto will do its suitably vague for the neo nazis and still looks ok for any surfing nympho chicks who might cross my dubious path by accident or default...im so shallow im deep.. but if you can get that fatfreddyscat foto on there somewhere too thatd be nice, thankyou. and thankyou for doing the other one. appreciated. i been thinking pete...nevermind the harper..though thats a tragedy in itself..but do slyly slip sneekily in a few scratches of marley..see what vibes you can get goin in there.. indians are not fools..they are great as you know..marley spoke truth to all mankind..an important truth...slowly slowly catch the monkey..harper would get you sacked.. this way you can not only catch the same monkey but also befreind it and let it go as well......dont ever be static..for any reason...take the fight to the enemy... win the fight..simple ......love joy and kindness. tig..p.s get your vote and get some sleep. stay cool bro.
    2:57pm November 27th
    if youre gonna fight? yeah take the fight...get some marley on in there..in the chillum cloud...i can get hold of some for ya if ya want and give me a solid adress to send it to...some tuff stuff..natty dread..survival , confrontation etc..not the obligatory whitemans produced legend (which is still mighty anyway)..but get your vote from the embassy..most important...strange request in stranger times...a piece of paper with an official stamp..scribble rosen on it and your own name too...if you want that...and the majick starts immediately...trust this natural mystic..the majick starts immediately...was good to travel with ya awhile....keep in touch man..seeya again anon. love tig x

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    Peter O'Donoghue
    28 November 2007 07:38:02
    David Rosen
    Namaskar Mr Huxley!

    Right serious message time, too many of these half arsed two minute jobs!
    First of all rest assured I am going straight down the embassy tomorrow or Friday at the latest to get my vote! I'm back in Delhi (after a night on the insomnia bus, that's what I call it, it's more accurate than sleeper bus, who can ever sleep on those ****ers?!), for the first time I will be doing all the visuals and photography at Elevate this week alone, me and my man have decided to alternate weeks of work so he's chilling in Pushkar with this German girl he hooked up with. Mate you should see the place we stay at in Pushkar, it's called the 'ChillOm Ashram', and is leased by two guys we know who are massive in the Indian electronic music scene, they're called Tatva-Kundalini (look them up you'd love their stuff, chilled out, ambient beats with sounds of nature, sorry 'the' nature, and loads of samples of mantra chanting and monks praying in Ladakh etc, they're on my Top Friends on Myspace) and their label is called ChillOm records, they've got the place for one year and plan to start a little music school down there for travelers etc. Anyway, the place has got a kitchen, rooftops, views of the second oldest temple in Pushkar, and...a padded room! It's actually a soundproofed studio room (which is still empty) but because the decoratings not finished you can see all the white padding. I sleep on the floor in there, I always suspected I belonged in such a place, mad energy in there though, we suspect (using our incredible powers of deduction-i.e the temple being right next door!) that the place used to be the ashram for the temple, who knows what went on there and what kind of mad energies have accumulated!? So anyway for the foreseeable future I'll be spending one week here and one week there, one week of work (the most offensive, blasphemous word in the English language, but I'm not really getting paid so maybe it's some form of karma yoga, that's better) and then one week of fine charass, bhang lassi's and time in the padded room.
    I've also met up quite a few times with Tiffany from Rishikesh, you remember her the one from New Zealand, it's mad we keep ending up in the same place at the same time, she gave me this amazing Agate crystal ball, it's about half a kilo so you can hold it in your hands all the time and carry it. We buried it on the holiest full moon of the year (the one where they stick all the women in the lake to make them all have male children!) and then left it out in the sun, it's full power and doing me loads of good. Great things to have around crystals, and I also got a baba bag as a gift, a beautiful red and yellow one with a big Om on the front so I carry the crystal in that wherever I go. When I'm in Pushkar i wander around barefoot with a big blanket wrapped round me, flowery trousers and a crystal ball in my hands, all the babas don't know what to make of me, they think I'm some mega saddhu from the West or something.
    Basically I'm not entirely sure why my path has led me to this situation, but the main thing is that it is allowing me to stay in India and learn loads of new creative stuff, like making live visuals for music, animations, graphic design all sorts so I'm not complaining. I do miss traveling loads though, having all my possessions in one bag and not knowing where the **** to next, I really miss it! At the same time I'm not questioning things as much and am being more patient, I'm sure this whole course of events will lead to a place I could never have dreamed of. I don't know if I told you but my mum's coming out here early January for a couple of weeks, that will be ******* strange and surreal, I'm going to take her South to Kerala, I'm sure I've already told you this!? On the writing front I've been lazy and unproductive, there's a couple of big pieces I want to get done this week while I'm here, one of them is all about Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life, if you get a chance to read anything online about them it's really worth it, I've started downloading and animating loads of sacred shapes and dropping them into the visuals at the nightclub, and loads of subtle little bits of text flash up on the screen with messages for the punters. These things are real powerful, they speak directly to consciousness at a much higher level and can open all sorts of doors without you even knowing, like they're already in there but just need to be reactivated. Like you said my friend the war goes on and you have to take the fight to them, exposing the shallow socialites in that place to these things may achieve far more in the long run than can be imagined. I hope, all you can do is plant seeds.
    Anyway man, enough about the jackal! You're in ******* Hungary you nutter, Italy next. **** that's amazing, I'm looking forward to reading your ranting (I don't just press delete) and poems, and chess stories. I've been playing fairly infrequently and against mediocre opponents, this one English guy was good though, we had a few epic games over chai and beedies, I ended up 2-1 up, played really well Tig you'd have been proud, put him in all types of trouble with my knights, he was sweating and cursing it was brilliant, he ended up knocking his king over both times, 3rd game he leathered me though. Like I said I'm patient, I get slightly better every month or so, I'm not in any rush, I know I'll be great, maybe even a master in my lifetime.
    This is turning into a mammoth email man so I'll say ciao, Tig you must watch the Matrix and V for Vendetta because they're important, and also Pan's Labyrinth just for the Oscar winning beauty and magic of it, those three. I've done pretty well with your book list (**** I even managed Crime and Punsihment), now you've got to get into my film list, and read City of Joy bt Dominique La Pierre, magical book.
    Give me a challenge on Gameknot if you feel like it, that would be cool, I've also got one more pic to put on your facebook if you want it, a shot of a chess set with a pack of beedies in front of it, real good one, let me know Tig, and you'll be getting the jackal's vote soon for sure. I haven't had a chance or money to get any Harper, been listening to Kaya though and smoking as much chillum as possible, **** the Combine they'll never have me. Also, I got that 'This Too Shall Pass' ink done, I got it done months ago I forgot to tell you in Daramkot. It looks ******* cool, hurt like **** though, it's on my left wrist near the palm of my hand, it wouldn't have fitted on my hand the way I wanted it. I've got plans for the whole inside of my left arm now, Om and lotus flowers and Shiva and all sorts. You got Fat Freddy's Cat done yet, I met this cool old guy from UK in Nepal, he had Andy Capp and 'Death before Employment' written on his arm, cool guy!

    Love you man!


    David Rosen
    28 November 2007 09:43:53
    Peter O'Donoghue
    heehee great jackal i was laughing out loud at you wandering about bearfoot with a crystal..this is the way we are.....we are not pin striped sardines to be packed into trains. at exactly eighteen seconds to eight fourteen a.m and shunted off into makework to ignore the very sky falling down..... every single day for the rest of our death slide. we are highly creative loving myricles cast adrift to be happy and joyfull in an infinite playground full of infinite possibility. with all the energy of this universe to be gleaned and drawn and tapped and used for the purpose of love. (and chess opening theory..which is much more complex entity haha) thankyou for getting your vote..i know you will...and i know that it seems like a futile or certainly a strange request (demand, demand , demand..if we,re going to have memebers of our own species..making laws and actually passing them..wherever god sleeps...we may as well,...no we may as ****in well should..have some cats who will take things inevitaby ina brand new direction...and then the whole place gets lost in that next illusion..and everyone (like the good sheep we are) will just graze in them fields instead ......it will still be an illusion at its deepest core.... but a kinder illusion, a fairer one...a happier one...with nothing to lose but these smug idiots faces on the teevee sqaubbling with each other in parliament , telling us that the victory gin and chocolate rations have gone up again..when some of us know damn ****in well that theyve gone down, coz we still have power over our ability to discern........and the courage to question blatant discrepancy...(noam chomski,s great to read)
    and theres one whole hell of a difference pete..between giving the order to shoot..and not giving the order to shoot...they are literally universes apart....
    and by gettin your official betting slip and writing green/rosen/kaya..your name on it if ya want too
    we are telling the universe that we are going in this direction, whatever else is currently happening.....it will follow us..if we lead...its a nicer place.

    hungarys great....good place, theres a quietness here..in the streets and in the people..i think theyve had turmoils aplenty in their history (who aint) but theyre great i reckon..and the buildings and architecture is fascinating..yeah its good...****in cold though...anyway..next stop england for me actually..via my sisters..thats the new plan...and i,ll probably end up in chile or somewhere..thats how it goes with me...but yeah get into the eastern majick mix it up with all the eclectic youve already learned ......drink it all down deep...come up with new powerful rainbows.....you are a mega saddhu from the west...what else did you think you were?....and i,ll look into the sacred geometry of the ancient secret of the flower of life.....drunvald melchizedek...he,s already on my to read list...along with an italien..massimo fini...i just need a secure roof for a month or so....im good in my head...but drawn in a million directions..and all of them are....escape......keep writing, im interested..is there any spare floor space in your padded cell? ..........and you have to challenge me....gameknot wont let me coz i subscribed once. fool!
    onwarsd and upwards pete love from tig your gemini mate..namaskar

    Subject: FW: Source Books & Sacred Spaces Website Order 12197 Confirmation
    Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 11:11:13 +0000

    and theres my vote for you. forwards ever backwards never. love of life is not a crime..to the mystics of tomorrow. probably see you fairly soon anyway i wanna wander around in bearfoot with a crystal heehee. who ever really knows such things. (two trees the brave)

    Subject: Source Books & Sacred Spaces Website Order 12197 Confirmation
    Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 05:03:07 -0600

    Dear david , Thank you for your Source Books & Sacred Spaces order. A brief summary of your order is below.
    Our policy is not to charge your credit card until the package is ready to ship. Pending product availability, please allow...
    E-Mail Address:
    Shipping Method: Best-Way Ground **International orders read above.
    These products will be shipped to the above address:
    1. Product ID: B222
    Product Name: Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1
    Attributes (if any):
    Price: $25.00
    Quantity: 1

    Yes man brilliant, best thing in the world to do with 30 bucks, except maybe give it away!?


    **** another thing I just noticed Tig is that your last email arrived at my inbox at 11.11a.m (nearly 11.11.11 actually, it was 13 seconds instead of 11 at the end). That number in itself is highly significant in circles related to 2012, energy, consciousness shift etc, I think I told you about it before. Deep!

    Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 16:04:07 +0000

    .ExternalClass .EC_hmmessage P {padding:0px;} .ExternalClass EC_body.hmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}

    heehhee typicle me..always late!!! mind you i probably sent it at that exact second....my vote. good! (thats respect as well young man..i hope you fully realise this!!!!) im fatfreddyscat cool and tuff..i take no **** as i strut my stuff, no ordinary kitty no ordinary cat, i take no lickin from no chicken and no razzin from a rat...peace and lots of love to you my mytical friend...enjoy these times. i dug what you did at the vipassna. a pleasure to know ya

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    RE: voting!?

    Peter O'Donoghue
    29 November 2007 09:13:10
    David Rosen
    Hello mate,

    Just got back from the British Embassy Consular Section thingy, I told them my situation and they said there was nothing I could do or sign there and then, but that I had to go to this website (www.aboutmyvote.co.uk)
    When I went to the site it says I have to print out this registration form as a British person living overseas, fill it out and sign it and then post it back to some place in Croydon. Doing that registers me as an overseas voter who can then vote in general elections, but I can't do so until one is held which I think is next in May 2008. I will print and send the form asap, but there's nothing I can do about voting for you and scanning it to show it would seem for a little while.
    What do you think?!

    mega saddhu from the West

    RE: voting!?

    David Rosen
    29 November 2007 10:16:14
    Peter O'Donoghue
    ok my freind....im more sorry than you will ever know (i hope) about this ridiculous ****in state of affairs..but now just print off the form and scribble rosen on it and green and fritz somewhere on it too..fritz is a rasta i know in leicester and he,s cool with this...and thats it. you can show me if you want but i think we,re beyond that..i hope we are..and you can bury it or burn it some mad crystal ceremony in the full moon..you took the ten twnty minutes of your own precious time to help this poor deluded political fool..thanks very very much. ive got kids here in the mess..and this is what i know to be better than nothing..something.....at least...and we,re in no rush...if you want to add your name there too..for some future time..if you can spare the thoughts this will inevitably bring forwards into your head....one day minister .....of your choice entirely...we,ve got a few already...mad heads and poets and section 3,s and assorted scousers hopers thinkers and dissenters...from the streets and mysteries of england.....hard fought found diamonds in this dust. then yeah add it, and welcome aboard....everything will open up for us..including the gates..change is in the post anyway......relax and enjoy..best advice ! thanks again man, this is brave. much love to you great and mega saddhu from the west enjoy your times, be joyful and kind..... up and up and up higher and higher great love tig
    FW: conversations with gods

    David Rosen
    29 November 2007 13:21:25

    pete if you dont mind i would like to send this as an email to my hitlist..if its not just say and i truly wont..i also want to send it to that doctor who said she would help us with my work..gettin it published so that more and more people can read about their governement and vote against the bastards...for anyone....if i have to do it..so be it...but i,ll have help and thats a fact..the rastas and the krisnas and the holy cats who could be trusted doing what needs to be done..so it just gets done..and we live in different times and climes...soon..in this lifetime...vastly different...it is easy to get everyone eating...it can be done....it just takes courage to get on with it..change afterall is change..i will write a preface for it..and send that first too....meanwhile if your there..have a look and see if youve got any more letters between us.......i love you very much you know that...join the gang....youll meet the others...some real cats..believe it bro..i move in strange circles and triangles and sacred geometric flower patterns..hehee i think! anyway let me no as a possible..cheers bro.... i musta knew you was a banger that day in muktis... i never travel with anyone..anywhere...except for two other people..and i had one gemini stay with me in my flat in plymouth..he got his vote..a great lad...big stoner..plays guitar..fearless and kind. like you and the rest. thankyou so much bruv. god bless you. and the majick will bring you joy and protection and guidance..and you are now rasta blessed. walk with your head high kid. love love love always your mate tig
    as soon as possible i meant to say

    David Rosen
    29 November 2007 13:29:48

    i meant to put as soon as possible..not a possible......but if you dont it wont make any difference..the majick will still be powerful and guide and protect you..there might be good reasons why you dont want it on there..i finally respect you enough to ask..but i hope you say yes..because you are a true hero of this new age...(i already know i am...i dont need noone telling me that..but change is neccesary and we could do some good from there)well done bruv..top marks...brave. safe man.love tig...you are truly rasta blessed now..this will also be tangible to you...strange times on earth. world peace..love love love
    RE: as soon as possible i meant to say

    Peter O'Donoghue
    29 November 2007 13:59:01
    David Rosen
    yeah man of course send it on!
    I posted it on my myspace blog and sent a bulletin out, it's a real important article. ****, that's what newspapers should be printing, not scaring the living daylights out of people with murders and gangs etc.
    I was going to end my presence on all social networking sites like Facebook etc but decided it's best if good people stay on there, nearly 3000 people have read my blog on myspace is one year, it's worth keeping it on there as it might do some good, even if it makes one person think slightly differently and better it's worth it.
    Thanks for everything you've said, I won't waste my breath telling you the same things back, you already know who you are and how important what you're doing is. Stay blessed bruvva.

    RE: as soon as possible i meant to say

    Peter O'Donoghue
    29 November 2007 14:07:49
    David Rosen

    Sorry man my mistake, bit of a nonsense message last one, I thought you were talking about the 'Experience Yourself' article and sending that on, which I also think you should, being very 'Conversations with God'esque as it is. That compilation of messages is brilliant, yeah def send that on as well if you want I've got no problem with that at all, I'm pretty sure I've got no more significant ones between us, that's pretty much the greatest hits.
    Can't wait to see you again man, that's the problem with good people they're so badly needed in the world and are required around some of the worst people and places out there that they very rarely get to spend time together, that would be like a waste! I'll challenge you on Gameknot in the meantime asap for sure, right now in fact.


    RE: as soon as possible i meant to say

    David Rosen
    30 November 2007 09:01:35
    thats very very true....read the autobiography of malcolm x when you get the chance ..(if you havent already) he knew the exact same thing. im reading lord jim..joseph conrad its ace..ive read most of it before and lost it..so im happy in the snow. onwards and upwards. love tig

    anyway hitlist i hope you enjoyed that long conversation..i hope at least you found it interesting...a real conversation that took place from about october onwards with a great english lad i met travelling in india in june we did the vipassna retreat together...except i only did ten days he did thrity...and ten days is a real life changer..believe it hitlist hoo boy.......a new up and coming young writer from london...a lovely person too very gentle and quiet but intense as ****........ a very very good writer and he takes on deep deep topics..a much better writer than me because he can simplify deep stuff...i seem to make the puddles deeper.... anyway one of your contempories..someone out there with you in the dazed merry swirls of dave rosens email hitlist. get in touch with him..visit his myspace and read his stuff its excellent and exciting...these are changing times on this planet...we,ve been ransacking this beautiful place for too long...amongst other things...its time for change...and change is taking place. join in hitlist. get your votes ****it. if you want to know why ...read can i have a go....its the best book you,ll ever ever read if you care atall that human children are actually just being left hungry every day and they suffer very badly....what a stupid ******* pathetic hindering thing. we can change it. we are doing...join in. love to you all this beautiful november day. fatfreddyscat.
    flip we gotta meet up again soon love flop xxxx get in touch.

    a brief history of political revolution

    about fifty or sixty years or ten million years ago we started really really ******* everything up
    forty years ago we sussed that we were
    thirty years ago we started talking about it
    twenty years ago we were ready to storm the gates
    ten years ago we were dreaming
    five years ago we woke up
    four years ago we worked out how to get through the gates
    without hurting a butterfly
    three years ago (june 7 2001)
    we got gypped again during the manipulated b.s.e crisis
    (we will cull the cattle that do not have it, to prevent them catching it)
    we will kill people without a.i.d.s so that they dont catch it?
    but we will always try and starve black children whatever else is goin on, as a matter of course they are only mere things after all !
    two years ago one of us joined the team
    it cost a quid on the internet
    the very same team as the captain
    yesterday this means its a straight swap
    you are the manager
    you are the governed
    you pick the team
    today this still means its a straight swap
    half an hour ago you tried to confuse this simple flipping thing
    and bludgeoned us with existing procedures
    that are already put there to enable you to try this tactic
    none so blind as those who hate children
    but tomorrow this means that it is still a straight swap
    me and my mates for blair and his

    new labour f.c

    1.goal keeper .smith a
    3. blair (captain)
    4. smith j
    5. smith t
    6. smith p
    7. smith r
    8. smith k
    9. smith l
    10. smith m
    11. smith o
    12. rosen ( thats me folks, cat)

    see im in exactly the same team,
    i get emails from them and everything.
    so its just a straight swap
    rosen for blair
    its funny how we pick and choose what is illegal and what is not
    but the day after tomorrow, more of us will see this
    and rejoice
    and eventually
    enough people will cast guilt and caution and child murdering ****ery to the wind
    and me and some of my very inelligent and very nice friends will be able to make sure that all the children of this species on this same small planet, get to eat every day.
    turn of the gas and let all the animals in the zoos go free.
    the reasons you now give to justify having zoos, are confused slightly by your acceptance of nestle.

    and the day after that, we will all collapse in a fit of satisfaction,and well being.
    so sayeth the lord.

    Renewing the party in government‏
    From: Tony Blair
    Medium riskYou may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
    Sent: 15 October 2005 11:34:55
    Banner The conference season and the Tory leadership race underlines the new consensus of British politics. Our opponents are forced to try to imitate us. Across a whole range of issues, politics is defined on our terms, on our issues, governed by our values.

    In a speech today in London, I stressed how we have achieved this together by having the courage to change and by taking and keeping the centre-ground. But continued success rests on having the courage to keep changing.

    In policies and in our public services, we have to get away from taking power to the centre and trust people and communities to take control of their own lives. Our party also faces the same challenge.

    As I said in the speech, we need a new politics to revive our democracy. Open, inviting and rooted and engaged in local communities. As I said I want this party to be at the forefront again of these changes.

    We have to look afresh at our party to ensure our structures draw people in, not put them off. We need to build new links with those who share our values and goals. We must ensure people see our party as the force for change, not just nationally but locally within their own community.

    You can read the whole speech by clicking here
    Best wishes


    Tony Blair

    child killing !
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  2. part one

    conversations in cyber space

    From: David Rosen
    Sent: 30 November 2007 13:59:08

    easy hitlist this is an email conversation i have been having with one of you out there in cyber space...we met in india
    and travelled together for a while..it was great. he is a writer too..check out his stuff..it will truly amaze you..his emails there. anyway read this..i hope it interests you very much...it would be better to print this off and read it at your leisure..or just delete it and watch eastenders. if anyone out there doesnt want me sending this stuff..please have the decency or the courage or both to just let me know..it will save my finger skin in the long run keep putting your adress on here.....on the other hand.... join in fight corrupt governments its a buzz. and at the end of the day and also before breakfast this is actually important. its what we should be doing, and learning about and sharing ....love to you all. from fatfreddyscat. aka tig huxley..aka david peter rosen


    How's it going my friend, I haven't received any ranting from you for quite
    a while now, I wanted to make sure verything was OK!?
    I'm still at the Vipassana centre, in between course there's not much to do
    except eat and read, I'm still doing the two hours a day though, most of the
    time. I'm doing another service on the next course starting tomorrow (1st
    August) so I'll be finsihing just before you come. Are you still thinking
    of doing that service on the 15th? If you're in town a couple of days
    earlyI'll meet up with you for a chinwag and a cigar mate, I'm planning on
    getting up to Leh via Manali pretty soon after I finish as my visa runs out
    on 13th September and I want to see Agra and Varanasi as well before I go to
    The Vipassana centre is getting to me a bit now, I think I'm becoming far
    too sane for my own liking there. I've been doing quite a bit of writing
    recently, I've attached a couple of bits of the most recent waffling for
    your purusal, any new stuff you've got would be great, I've got a two day
    bus journey to Leh to read it. Your move on gameknot! Take care man.


    The mass of vibrating light you and I believe to be The Jackal.

    hey peter the jackal...hallucinating light, whos information is belief! me i dont believe in nothing. except maybe disbelief and me. well heres a rant for ya. glad vipassna was good for and to you, its a good trhing to be doin, complcations for me though, the ****** ******* have stopped my giro once again, jabeen tell me, so im gonna shoot through soon via delhi and the passport shrine, and then probably come straight back out...but who could ever know? maybe back to shasta... i really dont know, bummer about my giro, ****** *****!! heehee, oh well.....im in old manali, its great, gonna go to a place tom told me about, saw him the other day he's gone back to england now, nice kid... a place called erm hang on...i havent got the name on me, but its nr kasol, nr kullu, therres caves and hot springs and a guest house called jakes, i rrememebr this much...but it sounds good, then delhi, then the dole office in plymouth..similar places, delhi is slightly cleaner and the beggers are a lot more honest!!! met some nice people, one very good chess player..a israeli, beat me four times clean, a nice person, a very good chess player, none others to mention, but lots of pretty girl distraction, i think i need some drugs!!!( i know i need some drugs) eating lots of fruit and nuts, digging the days...life is good, will definitley try and make varanasi before the u.k in case it a while before i can get back, but will bein touch you anyway, and will see you again..no doubts...take care of yourself man, a pleasure to know you, we will meet again, send me any writings, i will always read them, keep happy and hopeful and shine ever onwards...love light peace kaya..namaskar. tig

    >anti ( a rant)
    >in nagu wooden house
    >way up high up in the plum orchards
    >beneath the clouds and red mars
    >live three unwise men
    >(at one time there were four)
    >they dont blink
    >they dare not
    >so they dont
    >they wait
    >for god
    >outside the birds sing
    >flowers inch toward a golden sun
    >there might be bears
    >in nagu wooden house a plastic clock tells the plastic time
    >whilst beards and plums and expectations grow
    >(in some other version)
    >the fourth unwise man
    >oh about seven years ago
    >he missed the point
    >and in disgrace
    >was nailed to the fridge
    >died in very close proximity to a cold bottle of coca cola
    >and more than enough butter....................hitlist if you wanna read more of this poem..cool you should do..just let us know. f.f.c

    > From:
    > To:
    > Subject: RE: india update and poems latest
    > Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 09:41:54 +0000
    > Yes man!
    > What's been happening my friend? Are you still in India (you said you might
    > **** your giro off in the last email?!) I'm leaving for Nepal tomorrow as
    > my visa runs out on 13th, I'm cutting it a bit fine as I have to get my visa
    > at the embassy tomorrow then get a 10 hour bus to a place called Banbassa
    > and make the crossing into Western Nepal from there.
    > Loads of ****'s been happening since we last met (I sent you a group email),
    > I've met some amazing people and played loads of chess (I got a book) but
    > still haven't got laid yet. Make sure you keep sending poems man they're
    > amazing. Like you said if no-one hears from you for a month or so they have
    > to check you haven't got locked up or sectioned so that's what I'm doing!
    > Hope you're cool Tig
    > Namaskar
    > The Jackal
    RE: india update and poems latest

    David Rosen
    14 September 2007 17:31:25
    Peter O'Donoghue
    yes pete, hows it goin? yeah man im still in india.im in varanasi, by far ways my favourite place in india to date, cant explain why, so i wont even try, its just a good place to laze about. ancient holy city. digging the temples, the ghats, the girls, the chipmunks, the goats! my bed, actually i spend most of my time in bed nothing new there! although i have not played chess for over two weeks (exept gameknot obviously) rajesh lives here in varanasi, he's the head teacher man at the krisnamurti foundation here in banares, i didnt realise, he'd got such a big job man hoo boy!! big big responsibilitys etc i was blessed and i got an invite, v.i.p. on krisnas birthday, got shown all around, fed watered, met by the board, ****** hell man it was like bein mates with the king of bhutan , actually i was made to feel very welcome by everyone, its a great place, and it was blatantly obvious, how much love and respect everybody has for rajesh, from the littleist kids to all the teachers, guards gardeners, cleaners the lot, i stayed there the night as a guest, we didnt play chess, but we stayed up very late doin some mad chess puzzles, some real mind warpers, so yeah that was good, rajesh has now gone to chennai, he's leaving varanasi for good soon.ive just been to the burning ghat, sat on the steps and watch the mad world for a hour or two meanwhile tomorow its the krisna festival, every sunday, theres a big isk.con temple here, an its the best food in the world anyway, whether your in india or clacton, an its always a joy to spend time with the krisnas, it is for me anyway, although my goddess is annapurna, ive realised this. she's mine! dig that one. so all is good, glad your stopping in the east longer, good luck with all the visa ****, eat almonds, very alkali. im back to england soon, theres some **** ive got to sort out, but theres a few things i want to do there as well, so its all part of the boat ride. life is good. if you do anything, in yours, anything atall, get hold of a roy harper album, anyone will do. and then listen to it closely. you may yet learn something of extreme value. other than that a pleasure to met ya, and i will see you again, im fairly sure. take care of yourself, eat lots of fruit, enjoy playing chess, which book did ya get? im off now to print some more puzzles off, from gameknot. ok seeya man, be lucky and full of joy. love and peace, your mate tig


    David Rosen
    26 September 2007 11:16:19

    namaste pete....welll i just read that you are in b.j ing or something or other!! in delhi? are you still here? because i am now also in delhi, i have just finally soreted out my replacement passport and exit visa, (119 bones in cold blood...what a ripoff and a gyp, and who wants or needs a ****in passport anyway?) it means i have to leave india 20 or so days before my 6 mnths is up, but no matter, i was skint for time, after the bastards cut off my air supply .....but luckily some of my long suffering friends and my beautiful sister all sent me some dough, so i have been ok, and have managed to stay here longer than i at first thought possible ....and now for me i have about five more days in delhi, and then back to england to see my daughter and son, then off to see my sister and nephews in mallorca, then over the sea to see my good good friend sebastian in madrid, (free board and lodge, in exchange for me teaching him english).he's a very good man, sebastian the islaynio, from gran canaria..african by heart choice. pretty good chess player, musician, chillum cat, madman, climber of mountains, rider of mountain bikes ....a bob marley disciple..like i and i. (oh yeah)......anyway on the subject of votes for this and votes for that..if you are now in delhi, and i am too, i think the universe did this for higher reasons...trust. so maybe if you wouldnt mind humouring me, maybe we could chip to the u.k embassy in chanakya puri and score your official ability to vote (in whatever form),get it stamped so its official and then just scribble my name on it, or green, or fritz or kaya or nathan jarvis, any of those will do! and then you can burn it if you want to, or keep it safe in your wallet, or just throw it away but the universe will always know and will have already understood observed and approved that YOU at least took the ten fifiteen minutes or so of your own precious lifetime, to make this choice....your own powerful personal statement against what currently is. this existing political racist farce, this dirty hungry lie of a "status quo".......bull****, its corrupted as ****, and needs to be fought, and changed, anyway that way we can ....and most of all we aint got nothing to lose...im in no rush to get in, but wheres theres a will there is ALWAYS a way. and it would be a great honour and quite probably very very helpful and potent to have you on board. it may seem silly and futile...now at this moment, but there is a strange power in what i do, and it affects positively all who "humour me" in this way, (believe) and on top of that you will always be truly protected and covered by the universe, that YOU at least took the ten minutes of your own precious time to at least try something new, that might just work too, via a little bit of majick, luck and an iron holy intention...it is all about intention, and if we go to the high commission with open hearts and the right intention, and are poilite and firm, you can legally and definitley secure your right to vote (somehow) as a foriegn national or whatever, get it stamped and then chip, go drink some chai, and play some chess whatever....not played for over two weeks had one game in varanasi, caned a frenchman in about eleven moves, and thats all the chess ive played. i went to mahtra vrindavan, and did three days and nights isk.con service, sleeping on the temple roof, wearing a sheet washing up, cleaning floors, toilets etc etc and then feeding the five thousand (8oo million nine hundred and sixty three thousand, two hundred and five people , who turn up everyday for the free grub (prassad) it was ****in hard work, but very enjoyable, and good karma. vrindavan is another great city, busy holy, musical, friendly alive. the birthplace of krisna, well worth a visit. anyway the exit visa people have gave me ten more days, so im off in about five....indias been fantastic pete, great, a real joy and adventure for me, and i know i will be back here, (and probaly within the year). anyway if ya wanna meet up with me and come and score your own official ability to vote and make your own personal choice in this absolute and unavoidably political world, whether it seems futile or not ( which it most certainly isnt...theres real power in this, believe it) then great, and personally i think you will, i think you are meant to, why not, we're not doin much else and theres real work to be done, so lets do it a little by little. and if you do choose to do this strange thing, then rest assured you will always always be absolutely welcome in the realms and reaches of my own precious lifetime. a friendship to last forever and my absolute and total respect for you will be secured, tangible...and this is also a strange but true fact of this totally political universe,...whenever i find others who are man enough to take this mad plunge with me, (which i often do,)the female of this species suddenly appears out of the big blue void and somehow acknowledges this brave and neccessary act. its uncanny, and inexplicable how they know, but it happens without fail, every single time.... a secret smile, a certain look, a deep knowing gratitude, they just know, dont ask me how and its a tangible encounter, the moment you scrawl your "against" on their official bull**** bum dealed forms. you will see and understand exactly what i mean, as and when and if you actually do this with me. i have faith in you pete ...so we will see.....governements only exist on the opinion of their governed

    The next generation of MSN Hotmail has arrived - Windows Live Hotmail

    > From:
    > To:
    > Subject: RE: voting in delhi!!!!!!
    > Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 06:32:15 +0000
    > Hari Om Tig!
    > Mate ******* amazing email, really entertainingly written and profound and
    > beautiful, as always. There's only one slight problem, at this exact moment
    > in time in not in Delhi but find myself languishing in Pokhara, Nepal,
    > waiting for the last of the clouds to clear before I go trekking (18 day
    > Annapurna). I've been here for two weeks now and have done absolutely ****
    > all, except sit around and get through a hell of a lot of Temple Ball and
    > pollen (so much for meditation eh?!) and do loads of reading.
    > Mate, I just read 1984, I managed to find it at last in a bookshop in
    > Kathmandu. What an amazing piece of work, one of the most insightful,
    > profound and beautiful things I've ever read, Orwell is a ******* genius and
    > no less. From when he gets caught onwards is absolutely mind-blowing, with
    > all the subtle little thoughts and emotions he describes and the intricacies
    > of doublethink. I've also just finished a book this Ozzy girl I met on the
    > bus to Manali gave me called City of Joy by a guy called Dominique Lapierre.
    > It's quite a tome but amazing, all about the slums of Calcutta and this
    > priest and doctor who go and live there and experience what life is like for
    > the people. Really beautiful, I think you'd love it if you get a chance.
    > With regards to the voting, I've already said I will definetly vote for you
    > at the first possible opportunity and I stand by that, if you find out how
    > to do it and where I have to go I will do it as soon as I return to Delhi at
    > end of October. If not, I will research it myself and go and do it. ****,
    > I might even get laid as a bonus! You're absolutely right though, no matter
    > what forces may be operating and whatever may be to come on dates like 2012
    > etc at the moment we do still live in a world ruled by politicians and
    > money, and until that changes why not at least get a good load of blokes in
    > instead of the power mad liars there at the moment? I'm definetly behind
    > you 100% my friend, and I know that the optimistic mind will always find one
    > hundred and thirty two solutions to any problem.
    > **** it's a shame I can't meet up with you, I'd have loved a game of chess
    > and a bidi with you before you fly back. I've been caning all the Nepalese
    > at chess here but they're not that good, I need someone who will wipe the
    > floor with me before I'm happy.
    > Basically I plan on staying in Delhi until Feburary doing some
    > DJ/VJing/photography work with my mate Sunny (I sent you group email!?) and
    > then hopefully head South to Kerala and Sai Baba's Ashram etc. I also want
    > to visit Banaras and the places you've talked about, they sound magical.
    > Basically my money is running out but I don't feel that it's the right time
    > to leave India yet, I feel I can make do here OK. You're right there's
    > always time to be kind, I'm implementing that into my life much more now and
    > I'm far happier. Anyway my friend I'm sure our paths will cross again in
    > the not so distant future, let me know about the voting and I'll do it asap
    > for sure.
    > Take care Tig
    > Namaskar

    RE: voting in delhi!!!!!!

    David Rosen
    28 September 2007 04:53:20

    ok sunshine, in a world full of forktongued servile weasals, who tell me the exact same thing, on an almost daily basis, for you, i will reserve absolute faith, you are quite special ina strange cockney way , and i love your writing/work (truly...so keep it up and keep it coming..please) anyway basically all ya gotta do is go to any english high commission/embassy, and say youd like to register to vote as a foriegn national or something, blah blah etc etc, even just a piece of toilet paper written by you saying that you enquired and then stamped (officially) will suffice,(the majick then begins to work) its an unusual request, but they usually humour you...and i know it is possible because i did it myself once in sanfrancisco.

    > From:
    Subject: happy travels
    Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 18:43:59 +0100

    namaste pete the jackal. i fly back to the u.k tonight! i will miss india, but enjoy seeing my sister and her kids in spain, and the little man in leicester.and i know i'll be back this way again soon. meanwhile enjoy your travels, stay safe, and be kind. karma will protect and guide you. enjoy your times, mind treasure forever.
    keep writing, and please send it on when you do. thats it, seeya sunshine, namaskar........ kaya and light.......love from tig


    Peter O'Donoghue
    20 October 2007 16:06:48
    David Rosen
    Namaskar Tig!

    Just a quick one, a little piece I knocked up the other day on a computer with a mouse so frustrating I was almost in tears and with 'Om' bloody 'Mane Padme Hum' playing on loop right next to my here. I think it came out OK considering!
    Next in the pipeline, currently gestating in that dark recess I call my mind, is that Matrix thing I told you about, it will get done...eventually.
    Also mate I'll be back in Delhi by the end of this month, I'll get on the voting business asap and send you a scan. I just got 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', I'll start it tomorrow.
    Let me know how things are my friend, take it easy man.

    The Jackal

    > I remember years ago watching a documentary about 9/11, called 'In Plane Sight' which, despite not being the best of it's kind, nonetheless had something I found interesting at the beginning. It opened with a discussion about 'word association', the idea that certain words are used together so often that as soon as one hears a certain word, the other automatically and immediatly pops into the mind. For example, if you approached a British person on the street and said the words 'Weapons of..', straight away they would think '..mass destruction', simply because that particular phrase was drummed into everyone's heads so many times, in a mantra like way, leading up to and during the crazy, illegal corporate war we are now perpetrating in Iraq that the words have basically become linked in most people's brains.
    > Bearing this in mind, I would like to discuss the same pair of words the narrator of the documentary focussed on, namely the association of the words 'conspiracy' and 'theory' in normal usage. It is indeed true that as soon as one hears 'conspiracy' it is straight away linked to 'theory', but why is this and what do the two words actually mean? The first word implies some kind of plot or plan being hatched against an interest of some sort, be it a government, electorate or some other group or country, and with it come certain negative connotations. I will come back to this later.
    > The second word, 'theory', however, is far more interesting in this context. By definition the word simply means an idea, a concept that has been formulated in someone's mind, and can cover a huge range a subjects from science to philosophy. If, for instance, I state that 'I have lived thousands of time's before this existence', I am proposing a theory, and the thing about theories is that they don't require any evidence or proof in order to be proposed, they simply exist and are valid because someone has thought of them. Obviously, any abstract idea without proof gains more and more weight as evidence is found to support it and indicate that it is likely to be true, changing it from a mere possibility into more of a probability. As the evidence in favour of a theory continues to grow, the theory is no longer regarded as simply an idea or even a probability, but a 'truth'; and in fact the vast majority of discoveries in modern physics begin this way, starting with an abstract proposal of something that might be true and then looking for evidence that it actually is (such as the existence of quarks)
    > So why is the word 'theory' constantly linked with 'conspiracy'? Essentially it is to imply that all such ideas are just that, wild, paranoid conjectures with no real evidence to support them, which is why most people steer clear of the whole area and look down on them with a certain amusement and contempt. But the word association here is not justified, and the negative tone of the word 'conspiracy' being linked with a word suggesting baseless speculation really is not fair. Many of these so-called 'conspiracies' actually have far more evidence to suggest they are true than the official version of events we are spoon fed by sour faced news anchors everyday through the propaganda division of the government, also known as the 'media'.
    > The problem all stems from the fact that in order to have a conspiracy, there must first be something for there to be one against, meaning an idea in the mind has to have already been firmly established and taken as the truth before being threatened by this new 'theory'...............if you want to read more, cool you should do
    and you can at his my space..its very good..totally fresh and new and challenging.........highly intelligent...............

    No Subject)

    David Rosen
    21 October 2007 11:28:21

    yes yes jackal excellent stuff, really good, concise, interesting, and challenging, a very big subject once again given the jackal treatment and made 'easy'. yeah man excellent, truly. thanks, and now i will send it on to anyone i think will read it, (sadly few pete..which is why the world is currently in the mess its in...(bob marley said..good god i think its illiteracy, its only machine that makes money) ok a couple of spellchecks for later days and the record ...in the bit where you say

    about the ego being involved ...noone likes to think they have been gullible etc.....you need to put 'there comes with this' you need a 'there' anyway check it out (i wrote these down on a scrap of paper, and now im confused) also the bit where you put,..'our own government be behind this' that needs a 'be'.and familiar is spelt familiar. also theres was one more tiny one nearer the start but i cant find it again...just an a that should be a is or an an !!!?? apart from that a great piece of writing in all ways. keep it up man. i look forward to the matrix epic . although maybe you need to hole up somewhere to write that and make it a project anyway enjoy one flew over the cuckoos nest. its spot on. **** the combine!
    happy travels, be kind and full of joy and wonder, love and light and kaya tig


    You're like the invisible man my friend, no photos of you exist anywhere!
    How's Hungary going mate?! I'm doing loads of VJing (visuals) at events in Delhi, even got my name on a flyer for next week.
    Hope you're cool bruvva


    at 12:54am on November 5th, 2007
    namaste alright jackal me old cockney sparra, well i aint gone hungary yet i fly on thursday im really lookin forward to it now, ive been here done everything possible to do except go back on drugs so now im glum and bored as hell, i wish i was with you back there, truly. anyway, i think ive sorted my dole out finally with a safe adress etc, and i hope to get back out there, im thinking of mcloudganj again long term, do some serious writing (another book) and maybe some teaching part time of course haha and definitely more trekking, i really enjoyed trekking in parvati, it was ace. anyway cool for the d.j v.j b.j ?? sketch, that should keep you busy and on the road, dont forget you can always work at the temple in vrindavan for food and bed ok enjoy your times pete be kind and full of joy..eat plenty of almonds play chess. take care bro, much love tig

    Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 13:02:53 +0000

    .ExternalClass .EC_hmmessage P {padding:0px;} .ExternalClass EC_body.hmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}

    namste....easy jackal..how are ya ? where are ya? but more importantly hows your chess? my guess is your not playin much....sacraledge..in fact blasphemy..aaah but maybe you are!!!..???i hope so, i want a challenge next time we hook. i got zapped twice in two ten minute games on the p.c with a mate in leicester, same gemini birthday as me, 20 yrs senior, i know hes a good player but i felt rushed, i prefer to dither heehee. ponder, contemplate, erm think deeply i mean..i never dither, never let it be said i dither. ever. dithering is for lesser mortals and birds ....cheers for the cool foto is that me? heehee i look nearly mystical, its amazing what you can do with computer graphics nowadazys,if you would you can put that one on my facebook foto....... my password (for now haha) is ########## .that would be cool, cheers, anway im in hungary its baltics!!! been camping with my mate, in the snow ? spectacular sunsets, amazing skies, i saw three deers an a woodpecker, played one game of proper chess with my mates mate, he was actually fairly good, but not good enough, i kicked his tail. so im unbeaten on my european tour. played one won one, and now ive retired. next stop italy, and two friends i met in manali..lovely people...the lad enzo is a thinker. rememebr me telling you about my mate nathan (crackhead) i just found out hes in rampton!!!! he truly doesnt deserve that man, **** it.(tossers) apart from that all is well i suppose, but im missing the little man like mad, an i might stay in leicester awhile spend some good time with him when i get back this time, hes such a beautiful kid pete hes great and now im clean its all ok with his ma, i find it easy to get along with her, and she,s a beauty, (of course !!!!) my only wife!!!! i married her...... she divorced me, but i married her. i can travel on again later from that foundation, with his blessing instead of his heartbreak..its too obvious when im straight pete..i cannot just ignore it. anyway..check out robert anton wilson..wikipedia youtube etc...mad i forgot him, coz the second best book i ever read was his...shroedingers cat trilogy...qauntuum causality...which is chaotically hopeful...(literally) hes a mate of learys etc from the 60s...a beautiful madman, and another awkward question for the powers that think they be (for real) he wrote many many books..ive been highly recommended the illuminatus trilogy...i read some before ...brave writing. anyway hows your work coming along..keep at it bro. whatever you do ok. and keep in touch, take care, take it easy be kind..happy travels jackal all my love tig

    10:42pm November 23rd
    oy hurry up and put that foto on my thingyo..im paro about my password..and my nefarious affairs being mad public to the scavenging world at large !!!!im still in russia or someplace..... its cold but very interesting an the girls are especially fine. hungarian girls pete..hooey. not played much chess lately but life is a wonder ok bro, be happy an kind.... peace. and hurry up with my password!! love tig

    David Rosen
    25 November 2007 14:17:16


    Tig bruvva I'm really sincerely sorry for not sending you a message sooner, I've been crashed out in Pushkar for the last week absolutely ****ed after no sleep for two weeks in Delhi.
    It's nuts mate, I'm doing VJing and photography in that club Elevate, it's 1200 rupee each to get in and you have to come as a couple, 3000 people are there. I'm surrounded by corporate shallow bull**** for so long, I can't believe at the club you can't even wear Indian clothes or take beedies inside.
    Mate I'll send you a proper message in a few days when I get back to Delhi, I'll get that photo put on sorry I completely forgot, the one of me and you at the Golden Temple is it?!
    Haven't been reading, writing or playing chess at all really man, I'm a bit caught up in the world it seems for a little while it's necessary, at least it's serving it's purpose though as I am able to stay in India. My mym's coming to visit for 2 weeks early January, I'm thinking of going to Varanassi and maybe Goa with her, then I want to go to Sai Baba's ashram for a couple of weeks on my own. Anyway matey proper message will come soon, plus photo, next couple of days.
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  3. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    Email addresses and swearing

    Please think twice before posting anyone's email address to a public forum, it's the best way I know of to ensure that person gets spammed forever more.

    Also I don't appreciate that much swearing, I've filtered out a lot of it.


  4. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    It's been a long, tiring and emotionally draining week for me - which may be why I haven't a clue as to the relevance of the above! Could someone explain???
  5. Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs Ride away in style

    Well, for me, it's an introduction from either Pete or David (I lost track) of where he's at, which includes India, chess, Roy Harper, Nepal, Hungary, girls, drugs and anti-Bush/war blah.

    Quite interesting in an epistolary novelesque kind of way - but you need to be feeling sympatico ...


    PS What it's doing here I've no idea. Perhaps a blog might have been better, or just a link to the Myspace or Facebook site that he keeps going on about.
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  6. by way of explanation

    to all at stormcock (roy harpers fans???) and the (4th world).... basically roy harper has been going on now for over 40 odd years (and quite rightly) that the british government is ripping you off and murdering children. re iraq etc etc etc. so we are volunteering to swap places with them for you..you the governed. and here is an exchange of letters between one of those who has bravely and kindly volunteered (me david) and pete who is a voter and who met me in india and we exchanged emails kept in touch and he has now voted imaginitively for us instead of for the usual racist spew of eton clique....its really not that difficult to understand even this far the beyond the non imagination. im sorry if it interrupts anybodies comfortable little view of themselves and the world that they dont ever want to change.
    and to anyone else with any hope and love and compassion and spirit..read it all again its joyous. where theres a will theres always a way. tiocfaldh ar la.

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