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Podcast now available from iTunes

Discussion in 'Podcast' started by pd, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

  2. Bob Jacobs

    Bob Jacobs Ride away in style

    iTunes Subscription

    I hope it's more reliable with this than it is for the Test Match Special podcast, which seems very hit and miss - bit like buses.:angry:
  3. SteveT

    SteveT Gracing the Bahamas in see through pyjamas

    I've missed a few buses but not as yet been hit by one!

    Just finished listening to the first Podcast - very enjoyable - Bravo. I don't think the volume problems were much of a problem at all really and it has made me want to dig out stuff that I haven't listened to for ages - Unhinged is now playing.

  4. Catherine

    Catherine I've got a zappy little nappy

    Call me slow, but I've just finished listening to the first podcast - well done Paul, thanks for putting it together! (and, obviously, thanks to Roy for providing the music!)

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