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Roy for Newbies?

Discussion in 'General' started by Halfhorse, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Halfhorse

    Halfhorse I've got a zappy little nappy

    Enthused as I am by listening to all the Podcasts in 3 days, I have been inevitably talking about Roy to colleagues at work,
    A young chap sitting near me is a Led Zep and pink floyd fan and also seems to have a liking for progressive type music.
    I told him about RH and that he sang Have a Cigar to which eyebrows were raised.
    What song should I play him?

    I am after a few suggestions so that I can gain his interest and TRAP HIM IN A WEB OF HARPER!! Mwwwahhh ha ha haaaaa!

    No seriously, just see if it floats his boat to send him on a journey of fantastic discovery, should he choose to.


    Gee :)
  2. pixiefitz

    pixiefitz I've got a zappy little nappy

    You could suggest he listens to the compilation (if it's available on CD that is) Harper 1970 - 1975, which gives a bit of all the early stuff, then once you've reeled him in, well it's up to him!

    Just a suggestion

    Pixie xXx :biggrin:
  3. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Prog recommend eh?

    It's got to be the Lords Prayer very loud on headphones in a dark room n'est ce pas? Mind you he or she may never look at you, or treat you, the same again. Regard that as a non-Government alien warning!!!!!:sifone:

  4. pd

    pd Slightly Desperate Staff Member

    If he's into Led Zep, Floyd, and proggy goodness in general, I'd simply start with HQ and explain who else plays on the record. That would certainly work with me, anyway. Then "Flashes" for the live experience, then perhaps Bullinamingvase, then you can try the jewel in the crown, "Stormcock"... the best example of acoustic prog ever.
  5. Halfhorse

    Halfhorse I've got a zappy little nappy

    HQ sounds like a good idea actually, I think Lifemask is too much andi as you kind of pointed out, even I find that difficult to do in one sitting, Actually might give Life mask a go this weekend on the LINN stereo.

    I give HQ a go After lunch myself on the ipod.


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