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Stage body language

Discussion in 'General' started by aspwatterson, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    When I have the nerve to strut my stuff on the pub[l]ic stage of life I usually sit down and probably look nervous and don't communicate with the audience like Roy & Nick can do so seemingly naturally effortlessly relaxingly. I never dug Roy when he started standing up with Trigger...to me it just didn't look right to me. In yer face sort of stuff which did not accord with his nature changing on the moments through the stages of his life full of emotional discovery.He didn't look right when he sang OOTDIE on that festy vid standing up.And as for that vid of him singing Casualty and jumping around like a **** well it just defied my harbouring enduring love of him for a while. In fact it's funny that if Nick sat down it probably look really wierd? Puzzled. The difference between the two Harpics is definitely there. Shining personalities from the same progenitor even.

    Mick Jagger gets away with it as Jumping Jack Flash mind. LW III is the best with tongue face gurningness of painful grimaces. The Beatles remained very static when I think about it and if Paul just shook his head a little bit the girlies would scream. Tom Jones even gets knickers from adoring fans thrown at him so perhaps the Harpics are doing something wrong? Unless Tracey is there as a crowd controller? Joni Mitchell did'nt pull a face muscle but still left us thoroughly captivated. The list goes on.... but what I would be interested from you here is to know what other artists/bands you admire that stage presence whether static or mobile. Elton John looked quite funny and towering in his big booties in Tommy didn't he? And as for the Pete Townsend and Jimi Hendrixs defacing their equipment syndrome well....also the Jethro Tull Iain standing on one leg playing the flute was great!

    for noodles

    andi in Basingstoke in body but IOW in his head. Neil Young came across very purposeful and serious about his song messages and shouted half way through the gig something like 'We're all alcoholics aren't we?'
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  2. HarperPR

    HarperPR My destiny offers me up like a lamb

    Keep yer knickers on, PLEASE, Andi, don't even go there!
  3. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier


    Think you misconstrued my intent young lady. I don't wear knickers. I am a man and wear Levis. Don't need extraneous frilly things adorning my bits. Einstein wore shoes without socks, used to use soap instead of aftershave / shaving cream and hung around most of his life in non-pink pyjamas meditating on the edge of the Universe coz he did'nt have the blessed time to think about his sartorial elegance on this spinning Earth plane. And BC would not be very impressed if I threw my Levis as a token of respect to the Harpics and danced naked on the tables methinks?

    The best drummer's stage presence would have to be Keith Moon in my humble opinion.

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  4. NoCelebrity

    NoCelebrity Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    Too Much INFO-tation

    First, don't start off telling the crowd you're not wearing knickers (at least until they applaud and you're done performing on stage!).

    Second, I wear Levi's (regis. tm) too.

    Keith Moon acted like he was immortal, but also acted like a clown. Moon chose a persona, Bonzo did not. Moonie and Bonzo had enough talent to give them all the presence they needed.

    Einstein had the best stage presence of all, and on the world stage. (And you point out what a slob he was). Be lovable and you will be loved, Andi (we just don't always know it...). Love doesn't necessarily equal stage presence, of course.

    Planning to perform, keep it simple stupid/KISS! Introduce yourself by name, and what you are performing. If you're nervous have fun with it, but don't blither on until you've earned the audience's attention. Be polite, be confident, be silly, most of all BE YOURSELF (tightly edited is usually best).
    If you're no good, or you've got the wrong audience, nothing you do will matter. Most audiences have a certain amount of empathy, and will tolerate a rough beginning if the body and finish of a performance is strong. You were good enough on your posts (how many takes?) to get started.

    If you're really afraid of failure, what's to lose? Have fun with it! I figure if I ever go to a local weekly open-jam I might warn the audience "This is an open-jam and there are supposed to be mistakes. I'm here to make certain of that!" Any applause after that are a bonus.
  5. aspwatterson

    aspwatterson The Unknown Soldier

    Stag presence

    Was not intimating that Einstein was slobbish, just admiring his total absorption in his pensive task with no time for distractions. BJ on here says he walks around the house naked sometimes without worry or fear of his natural state. Presumably he's got curtains? Do you always comb your hair before you leave the house or go on the stage? All my stuff is unedited first out-takes with mistakes left for posterity....one day maybe do it properly in a studio and mixmash it properly. There's so much manufactured music out there these days that sounds manufactured...I even like the raw sound of the fingers scrunching their way up and down the fretboard. Have just bought a Yamaha EZ-AG synthesised guitar and it's a wonderful plaything. Probably a google search would reveal more about it but it is the buskers dream and can even play itself whilst you are on a beer break.

  6. NoCelebrity

    NoCelebrity Aye lad, I knew you had it in you

    Ein Stein or Zwei auf Bier?

    But can it sing off-key whilst you're in the loo? (is that the correct spelling of the Brit colloquialism for the room dedicated to Mr. J. Crapper's invention?)

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